God is On the Move

God is on the move in so many ways we see and cannot see. If the church were to list all of the things to praise the Lord for, there would not be enough books on earth to write it all down! Often it is the same in Cru and life. We are so thankful the Lord builds his ministry. Here are a couple of updates from the last month we thought would encourage you. Also please take note of the opportunity listed at the end!

Waves at New Jersey City University

As I shared with you last month, at the end of December, we lost all the student leaders at NJCU. This was unprecedented, and honestly I freaked a little, but we decided to pray, ask, seek and knock. After posting about the need in early February, we got a flood of students interested in leadership. After interviewing many, it was all set. Angela, Jacky and Francheska (pictured) were ready to take the torch running! Unfortunately, bureaucracy has gotten in the way. Although everything was set in mid-February, the main contact with student government stopped replying to emails. We also were told that Francheska may not be able to lead because she holds a leadership position in another club. This has been so frustrating for our new team of leaders. Please pray that the Lord brings a resolution sometime soon!

Jesus Film in El Salvador

We also shared last month that Jenn, the kids and I were headed to El Salvador for a personal trip to visit grandma and grandpa who just finished building their house on land they inherited. After years of asking us, God made it possible for us to go! It was such a special trip. However, we just could NOT visit El Salvador without doing some ministry. Unfortunately, a ton of people live in poverty. There are droves of zinc homes, even in Jenn’s parents home town. Through a local church, we were able to help organize a free evangelistic movie night on March 13 (we showed The Jesus Film). We were deep on a mountain next to an adobe house and we were able to give away 300 PUPUSAS (a special Salvadorian meal made with tortillas)—made in dad+mom’s house. What an experience! Pray for the people of El Salvador, whose average wage is $10-15/DAY. Pray for the local church who will handle follow up. This was not an “official” Cru mission trip of any sort but it was definitely officially the Lord’s mission that day. HERE are all the pictures and videos of the event if you’d like to see more.

Vision Dinner on April 23rd!

“Jersey Metro” is the statewide entity of Cru in NJ on over 24 campuses in NJ! Join our whole staff team and many students as we celebrate what God is doing on campuses in New Jersey and to hear what we have planned next! We will have a catered meal and time to hear from students and staff about how God is using the ministry of Cru to reach students for Christ! There will also be an opportunity to give a love offering towards the evangelistic outreaches we do all year round ! Register for free here: https://www.jerseymetro.com/dinner !

Thank you all for your partnership in the gospel!!

One comment

  1. What awesome pictures from El Salvador.
    Thanks for sharing them with me. May many seeds bring a mighty harvest there IJN.
    You guys are on my prayer🙏🏻 wall in my kitchen so people can see all about you and think, and pray for what God is doing through CRU. For the next two weeks I am praying🙏🏻for a team that went to Poland today to help prepare a site to receive Ukrainian refugees.
    Indeed GOD IS ON THE MOVE!

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