The Mission

UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! We are working on a NEW main letter for International Students Inc. In the meantime, please read our TRANSITION LETTER and watch the VIDEO here. You can also catch some vision by watching this ISI video below. And visiting their website:


Let’s be spiritually frank: there has never been a better time to spread God’s gospel–– especially in New Jersey. As the most densely populated territory at the most populated point in history, the Garden State provides laborers with a promising harvest, particularly in its universities, where pupils are tempted by all sorts of doctrine and sin.

While thousands are swayed into unbelief, we know N.J. colleges have a potent Hope in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, which of course begs the question: Who will show them? We have seen too many Christian college students snatched by “intellectualism,” short-lived pleasures and crafty indifference.


Already, though, there is a brewing shift among our future leaders. Student-lovers of Jesus are propelling campus prayer, evangelism and discipleship like never before.

In the power and direction of the Holy Spirit, our statewide ministry’s evangelistic efforts lead us to have   thousands of gospel conversations with hurting and harassed students all over Jersey.

Cru’s emphasis on the lordship of Christ, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, initiative  evangelism, strategic planning and intensive training is being used by God to bring groundbreaking results.

We’ve loved being part of our students’ lives and hope to continue our involvement, which is are on  Cru’s Jersey Metro team for full-time, on-campus ministry.

To be fully engaged in campus mission, though, we have to put together a team of prayer and financial partners. Like other missions organizations, Cru staff are responsible for teaming up with concerned individuals and churches who will invest the needed finances, which includes our salary and business-related expenses, since CCC has absolutely no central funds for US staff.

With your support, you will not simply be gas in our engine but an important team member on our journey, driving with us wherever we go.

Would you be in a position to join with us through a monthly investment of $100 or some other amount? If so, please drop into our giving page.

Please PRAY for us, since this is one of the biggest steps of faith we’ve ever taken. But since God is leading, we’re certain he will provide.

Don’t hesitate to call or email to ask any questions. Hopefully, we’ll also be able to meet up.


Joey and Jenn


Joey Explaining Ministry

Students Explaining Ministry

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