Mundane But Missional

So much of our ministry is exciting and cutting edge. We host evangelistic outreaches right on our campuses. We get to organize and host amazing conferences. We even get to send students on spring break and summer mission trips! Behind the scenes, though, we are also faithfully pursuing mundane but missional assignments that keep our movements going strong. Here are a few of those from this last month.

Romane and Joey Walking Through HCCC

One On One With Roman | You may remember Roman (pictured left) from our last prayer letter. He is a blind student from Hudson County Community College who recently renounced Hinduism and placed his faith in Christ! One of the joys I get this semester is taking him through new believer discipleship material by Cru. We are covering topics such as the Spirit-filled life, forgiveness and other foundational topics. It’s been great!

Weekly Seton Hall Meeting

Men’s time at Seton Hall | Seton Hall University’s movement is a special gift from the Lord (pictured right). Although we are not formally recognized by the school, we have had a movement underground going strong consistently since 2013! This semester the Lord has raised six ladies to lead the movement. That’s right; they are all strong faith-filled women! We love them and are thankful for them. For this reason though, I felt God calling me to launch a weekly men’s time, where the few dudes involved could have their own time to pray and
share what’s going on in their lives. It’s been great! Pray God uses this time to help them grow but also raises up a few dudes for leadership.

Turbulence at New Jersey City University | Cru at NJCU has existed forever. It seems as such. Unfortunately the movement really took a hit because of Covid. Although membership was down, we did have four faithful student leaders all the way through December 2021. Unfortunately for one reason or another, they needed to all step down. This put us in a tough place, for the movement was to be frozen by February 4th if no student leaders stepped up. On 2/2, I posted an announcement on the movement’s instagram page. THAT day, we had a surge of messages from students interested in leadership. That weekend I had several leadership applications in my inbox and that next week, I met with and interviewed these leaders. Praise God for Angela, Francheska and Jacky – our new leadership team! Pray God uses them mightily as they acclimate to leadership together!

Jenn Excited for Our Personal Trip to El Salvador

Pray for Personal Trip to El Salvador | If you didn’t know, Jenn’s parents are from El Salvador. In fact Jenn’s mom ran for mayor of the small impoverished town they are from, and although she lost, she now serves as a councilperson! Anyway, we are blessed to be visiting during spring break to see the hometown and some local sights. This is not for Cru, but we are connecting with the local evangelical church to do some ministry. On Sunday May 13, we will be personally paying for an outreach where we show the Jesus Film and serve a free dinner for the church and any non-Christian friends they might bring. Pray this goes well! Jenn’s grandmother got saved because of a few missionaries visiting their hometown. She is the matriarch who set the gospel in motion for the rest of the family! We’re excited for this “heritage” trip, but also for the Jesus Film outreach.

Thanks so much for your partnership with our lives as we seek to honor Christ in all we do! So grateful for you!

One comment

  1. How awesome that the need for new leaders at NJCU was met so graciously.
    I can’t say enough about how exciting to see your personal hands on approach to ministry to Jenn’s mom’s hometown and I will be praying for your continued safety especially from all things COVID and that the Glory of God falls at the “Love Feast” and Jesus Film showing.

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