Discipleship Can Look Different

Discipleship can look different in the believer’s life. Perhaps for one season you have one mentor guiding you through a book of the Bible, or perhaps you are in a group topical study or perhaps you attend meetings that help build you up in your faith in a variety of ways ! In the ministry we tell students that discipleship is their responsibility as they grow in Christ – through church, personal devotion, evangelism and more. However, we want to help students grow as much as possible. One way is through one-on-one meetings and another is through large gatherings. 

ONE-ON-ONE | As you may remember, Roman from Hudson County Community College finally accepted Christ in November of 2021 after coming to the meetings and even my church as a Hindu and seeker. What a joy to see him pass from death to life!! Over the last several months, I’ve had the privilege of meeting with Roman to teach him key foundational ideas we call “Life Concepts.” Some of those concepts include one’s “Assurance” they are saved if they trust in Christ, one’s access to God’s “Forgiveness” again and again, one’s “Empowering” to live the Christian life through the Holy Spirit, one’s “Equipping” through the gifts of the Spirit, and one’s process toward “Maturity” in Christ. Here is a picture of one of our last official discipleship times together. Although he is blind, he asked for a Bible so he can show he is a Christian!

LARGE GATHERINGS | Once a month in central Jersey, we gather all of our students from 24 campuses for a worship and vision night called “Jersey Cru.” The night is amazing. Students lead worship, students share about evangelism or other praises at their campus, staff promote our summer mission opportunities, and staff share a word of encouragement. We of course enjoy some food and fellowship. This is monumental in our ministry because students from smaller schools get to see they are not alone and are reenergized to return back to their campuses and do ministry. 

JOIN US | As I shared last month, our team has our annual fundraising dinner on April 23rd at 6:00 pm. We would love to have you! It’s FREE for you and your guests and an opportunity to give will be presented. Check out all the info at https://www.jerseymetro.com/dinner.

If you cannot make the dinner, you are always welcome to join us at any of our weekly meetings but especially our monthly worship and vision gathering. The next and last one of the semester is April 29th at 8pm! In fact this is perfect for high school or college students you may know. All the info for this can be found here: https://www.jerseymetro.com/jerseycru


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