Summer Time Chronicles

There is a lot going on over the summer with Cru around the world and in Jersey. Every June we like to take the chance to highlight   just some of that, along with featuring an update about an alumni from years back, because it’s always great to see the fruit of God’s work in students’ lives! 

ESCOM + Digital Survey Work 

“Escom” is short for, one of Cru’s largest evangelistic websites. It is a collection of short gospel-centered articles dealing with students’ questions. The site gets millions of visits and has been translated into dozens of languages! We have seen great success with ESCOM outreaches in Jersey! So much so about two years ago, God gave me the idea that we should have a physical tool featuring some of the more popular topics. 

Well after pushing and pitching the idea to Cru’s printing ministry, they decided to run with it! We are so thankful because these are ready just in time for the fall of 2021! In addition to prepping for the fall with this tool, the Jersey team has me working on a new digital survey tool that will make it easier for us to connect with students, whether at the beginning of the year, at events, on social media or otherwise. We have 24 campuses and lots of details. Pray I get it right! 

Summer Missions 

Cru is in more countries than coke! So our summer missions around the world are plentiful. Thankfully in Jersey, our team was still able to host missions in Hampton Beach, NH, and in Puerto Rico despite the pandemic.! Here is an update from my teammate in PR:

“We desperately needed a solution for transportation since Uber was costly and mass transit was slow. A few days into the trip, God used a believer named Frank—who loaned us his 11-passenger van! It completely transformed our trip! Pray we evangelize and rest a lot!” 

Alumni Spotlight 

Bryan Perez was involved as a student and leader at Seton Hall University and graduated in 2015. I asked him for an update. Here’s what he said. 

“After graduating from SHU, I got married  and moved to Seattle where my wife, Sasha, is from! We helped plant a church in 2017 and after closing its doors in 2019 due to many factors, we’ve been enjoying getting plugged into our community. Getting to know our local coffee shops and volunteering with our neighbors! Right now I work as a graphic designer for Stanley and my wife works as a program manager for Vox. Please pray for the continued health of our family and friends!”

Thank You

Thanks so much for your partnership in the gospel! Please pray we continue to have a great summer with our various roles, especially raising some new support. Pray we also are able to rest well and enjoy some summer fun with the kids as much as possible. 

Joey+Jenn Sforza

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