Family/Personal Update

Every July we dedicate a full update about the family and personal stuff. We do this because  many of you asked. And, we’d prefer focusing specifically on ministry in all other letters.

Joey: God has been so good to us over this past year. Covid really tested my trust that the Lord would guide on campus, in our homes and in our church. He has! Other than various ministry responsibilities, my time over the summer has been to hang out with the kids at the sprinklers, help out with various needs at our home church and work on a few projects. One of those projects I am particularly proud of. We needed a new bathroom sink+vanity, so rather than spend way too much money on a new one, I was able to make one out of an old dresser. We love it!

Jenn: So so so happy that school is finally over for the kids…it was so difficult managing their virtual responsibilities until May. Some of you maybe saw, but back in April, Jersey City was about to open for the 4th time but then walked their decision back AGAIN. Well this mamma was not having it. With the help of a bunch of other moms, we organized a protest and we were all over the news. I was interviewed by, Fox and even Univision! Anything for my kids and the kids of Jersey City! By God’s grace, they REOPENED and stuck with their original decision. 

Our little ones are enjoying summer! 

Gianluca (10) has made a lot of progress cognitively, socially and verbally. Although he can’t have full-on conversations, he can get his needs and point across. He also has been excelling at math and even writes out equations for fun. He still loves to draw obsessively and even has written/illustrated whole children’s stories for fun. 

Gabriel (8) was so glad he could do little league again after being off for a year due to the pandemic. He also was SO happy to see his friends in person again back in April, since he is the most social of our kids. In his freetime, he loves to play video games and of course have playdates with friends. Gabriel also has a huge heart and regularly prays for people without us prompting. 

Lana (4) is growing fast. Ah! She’s pretty shy at first but once she gets to know people, she becomes the silliest girl in the room. She just finished up her first year of school (prek3) and flourished as much as we expected. A funny experience with our little princess recently was when she came home talking about which friends in her class she was going to marry. lol! She cracks us up!

Thanks so much for following our journey! Please let us know how we can pray for you!


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