Bittersweet Goodbyes

Graduation time is always bittersweet. It’s sweet because we get to reflect on and celebrate a whole academic year of God’s faithfulness. In fact, I was able to see students from three of our campuses IN PERSON for some pizza. It was awesome.

But it’s also super sad because seniors graduate. It’s especially sobering to watch our senior leaders who were around for four years move on to the next season in their lives. This month we asked a few seniors to share, (1), something that God did in them during their years in campus ministry and, (2), what their plans are after graduation.

Saying Goodbye to Seton Hall Students
Brianna at Ramapo College shared:

(1) There was one girl, an atheist. She never came to a regular meeting but she did attend other events that we hosted. So I keep her in mind a lot and pray that we helped her at least start considering her relationship with God more. (2) My plans are to take the CPA exam and to start working as an audit associate with Grassi & Co. in November. Pray not only for success in my career but also that I will be a light to my coworkers and clients.

Darren at Stevens Institute of Technology shared:

(1) [Stevens Christian Fellowship] showed me that people mattered. Reaching out to students gave me the courage and drive to be more comfortable talking to those I came across day to day. Whether it was neighbors, police officers, or the homeless, God pushed me to follow His Will and that couldn’t have been done through how SCF has guided me!(2) I will be working as a Network Engineer in NYC. God has guided me in my academics and I ask for prayer as I transmit to work life. In everything I do, I pray that I serve my Lord and my Savior. Wherever He leads, and wherever He calls!

Saying Goodbye to Ramapo Students
Erica from Seton Hall University shared:

(1) CRU has given me an outlet to share and discuss my faith with people in my age group. Being able to dissect God’s word with other people that are experiencing young adulthood gives me comfort to know I’m not alone! So I pray that I can continue to fellowship with people my age so that we can uplift each other in Christ. (2) My plans after graduation are to work, then go to graduate school for aerospace engineering. Please pray that I continue to trust God, rest in His hands, and allow Him to guide me as I begin to navigate this new chapter in my life.

We hope these responses blessed you. We want to ask you to pray for all of our seniors! Pray the Lord keeps them close to him through his power and sanctification. It is an honor to work with young, passionate students on the mission-fields of their schools! Please also pray for our summer. We have a number of assignments: support raising for some personal monthly needs, taking some required Bible courses from Cru and also working on several digital projects for our statewide Jersey team. We also hope to take some time off!

Thanks so much for your partnership in the gospel!


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