Meeting Other Staff Members

Over the years in our prayer letters, Jenn and I have focused mainly on what God is doing in our lives, on our campuses and with our specific students. We have often referred to other staff members or campuses, but realized we never clearly explained our “team.” across the state.

Cru in NJ is a statewide team of 13 full-time staff working on about 25 campuses! We have regular “office” hours together for prayer, planning and coaching. We love our team! They are very much like a family, especially since we share such a unique calling even through the pandemic.

We asked our team members if they could share prayer requests for April, one personal and one campus related. Here were their responses!

Jonathan Castellano: Please pray that one or two more male students would apply to the trip to Puerto Rico. And pray that I can care well for my sister, who lives with me.

Becca Von Ebers: I have the opportunity to be part of leading a summer mission to Vienna, Austria. Please pray that the travel ban would be lifted and that students would come with us to bring the good news of the gospel there. For my campuses in New Jersey, please pray for new student leaders to step up at Ocean County College.

Jennifer Lem: Please pray for my Dad, Donnel (age 92) to know and accept Jesus as his Savior & Lord and for my Mom, Vinnie (age 83) to understand in her heart and to experience how much God cherishes and loves her. Please pray that the Holy Spirit enliven a genuine desire to reach the lost and care for those hurting at Rutgers and beyond, in the Chinese Christian Fellowship leaders and students.

Tommy Waters: Please pray for the leadership transition at all my campuses.

Charlene Manalaslay: Please pray I would be fully funded in time to return to campus work by the fall semester! Please pray God would continue to heal my heart as I grieve my grandmother’s passing away.

Mark Scott: Please pray for the ministry to get started again at William Paterson University. Ashley is working on the paperwork to get us officially recognized so we can be ready to go first thing in the fall semester.

Pray also for us, the Sforza’s! We are personally a little exhausted with our children’s virtual schools. Pray also for our campus student leaders. They have been SO faithful in evangelism, discipleship, prayer and more. We are excited by what God will do the rest of April and May! Thank you for your partnership in the gospel!

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