Evangelism Survey Responses

This March we tried something entirely new, specifically at three schools. In an effort to promote Cru but also evangelize in a new way, we created a giveaway contest, which to enter, students simply had to fill out a “spiritual interest” survey. The survey was short and sweet, but it (1) promoted Cru, (2) it shared the gospel and (3) allowed students to share their beliefs and comments.

In total we had 70 students fill these surveys out! These were all disconnected students who had never been to any Cru meeting before (one of the criteria for the contest). Some were believers, some on the fence and others non-believers. Here are some of the most revealing comments. I share them without names to honor students’ identity.


“I don’t currently have a strong relationship with god, since my current faith is more about the a connection to the human self/nature instead of one specific higher power if that makes sense.”

“I am interested in meeting God personally and mentally. I am very religious but have doubts and wants to learn more so I do not have doubts.”

“I experienced religious trauma in my upbringing, which I have been in therapy for many years (and will need more therapy for many years) to overcome. This eventually lead to my parents kicking me out for my atheism/agnosticism and leaving me homeless for a time, as well as forcing me to quickly become financially independent while dealing with a pandemic and while being in an academically demanding major.”


“I don’t think one can ever truly get to KNOW God to His Fullest but we can learn about His attributes (Mercy, Kindness, Forgiveness, Just/Fair, etc). But yes I am interested in trying to get closer to [Allah].”

“If there is a higher being known as God, of course I would want to know God personally to be able to understand the creation of life and his/her perception of what the meaning of life is.”


“In some ways [I want to] understand more about it. But I don’t believe in God as much. I do believe in a higher power.”

“[As a Hindu], I would love to know the one who created this beautiful world keeping in mind the smallest detailing in lives which exist.”

“Religion has been forced down my throat for so long that I know I don’t actively want to seek god out but if he comes to me in the future I’d be grateful to accept.”

WOW – as you can see students have so many questions, doubts and needs. JESUS is their ultimate solution. PRAY for us as we host them this week for our “giveaway” meetings, but also pray for us as we individually and personally follow up with each student! We want God to reveal his Son to them and bring them into the family of God!

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