From Addiction to Adoration

College is a time when students “find themselves” and makes all sorts of decisions that both positively and negatively affect them. TJ, an alumni from Stevens Institute of Technology, quickly found himself addicted to drugs. Thankfully through other students at his school, he came to find a better spot for his adoration: CHRIST. At our recent monthly worship gathering, he had the chance to share all about his journey. Some of it is highlighted for you below. You can watch the whole clip on our blog.

Jersey Cru – Our Statewide Gathering

“I was a young arrogant kid, drinking and partying a lot. I was [basically] atheist. One party someone introduced me to very heavy drugs, oxycontin. I went down a really dark path of addiction to every wretched substance, even selling them. This lead to severe anxiety.

“One day a pastor shared the gospel with me. In the moment it resonated, but then I began fist fighting with God.

“A few months later on the subway, an older woman with horrible bad breath randomly asked me, ‘What have you done for Jesus lately?’ and I freaked out at this woman! During this time I continued having severe anxiety and panic attacks.

TJ, Sharing His Testimony

“A friend on campus began to witness to me, a student from Stevens Christian Fellowship. He was just sharing his life with me. His testimony. The way he walked with the Lord. One day we were talking about multi-dimensional string theory and how it applies to Christianity. Whatever he said struck my heart so much, and I knew it was true: Jesus did come, suffer and die for me. He is the son of God. His resurrection is the cure for my sins! That night I gave my life to the Lord. After a week my panic attacks were gone!”

Praise the Lord! I hope TJ’s story powerfully encourages you! TJ continued growing in Christ through the college ministry at his school and now continues to be on mission at his job and as a business owner and resident of Hoboken.

The movement at Stevens is called “Stevens Christian Fellowship,” a ministry which started its meetings in September 1970. God gave a professor (Mr. Mazmanian) the privilege to start this ministry. Before coming to the USA, Mr Mazmanian developed a “passion for souls“ through college ministry in Lebanon. So, when he came to Stevens, he pursued that passion to this day even in retirement! Mr. Mazmanian still oversees the whole ministry of SCF. Wow! Although it is not a Cru, we have an official partnership, which I have the privilege of maintaining for Cru in NJ!

Praise the Lord for the power of the Gospel. Praise the Lord he can forgive and transform. Praise the Lord for the value and strategic nature of college ministry! Pray more and more and more students realize the gospel is true and place their faith in the Savior!

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