“Sometime,” Can We Talk?

Although many believe evangelism is difficult, it’s actually pretty easy and fun, but it is not always the easiest to START and FINISH the conversation. Thankfully, Cru has figured out a way around this. “Sometime” has long been a way for us to encourage students (and anyone) toward spiritual conversations and gospel presentations! A full training and video that a co-staff member and I diligently put together is on on www.jerseymetro.com/sometime, but in brief, it’s as easy as A-B-C.

A – Text, email, or DM a friend that you would like to hear what they believe about spiritual things to be a better listener AND also that you would like to be a better communicator of what you believe as a Christian.

B – At your meeting, ask good questions and just listen. Don’t argue or respond. Just listen! (Some questions are posted on the website above).

C – Transition to and share the gospel! As you explained in step A, they will expect this. Use Bible verses, a tool or simply share about Christ in your own words.

The reason I share the details of this outreach is to encourage you to try it for friends and acquaintances you’d like to share the gospel with, BUT ALSO, because as a statewide ministry, we are going to launch doing this on all of our campuses on 10/10. Please pray! Our earnest prayer is that many would come to Christ because of this!

Recently, I was able to do this myself with a neighbor of mine. George (name changed for privacy) is a super social butterfly who constantly has friends over his apartment and driveway. They love blasting music and having cookouts together. The Lord made it clear to me that I needed to share the gospel with George, but even I had trouble turning our quick, friendly conversations into gospel presentations. Thankfully, I tried out “SOMETIME” and George was ecstatic to meet up.

Turns out that George is a somewhat devout Rastafarian. Although I didn’t know much about his worldview, the beauty of evangelism is many times all you must do is ask questions, so I did … again and again. George giddily shared about his worldview, and when he was done, I was able to transition things by simply asking, “Now that I’ve heard what you believe, can I share with you what I believe?”

George listened intently as I explained that Jesus lived the perfect life we could not live, that Jesus died the death that we should have died (paying for our sins) and that Jesus rose again to offer us the gift of salvation we could never earn (repentance, forgiveness and relationship with God). Although George did not come to Christ in this conversation, the door is now wide open!! Praise God!!

Please pray that the same would be true for our students and staff as we push on to have even more intentional gospel conversations with others across our great state!

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