Year-End Needs

THANK YOU FOR BEING IN THE TRENCHES WITH US AND “getting it!” We absolutely love what we get to do as a family working to make Christ known on college campuses through Cru in NJ!

Hopefully you have been blessed through all our prayer letters by all the amazing things CHRIST has done even in the midst of covid!

To do this work, God provides people who prayerfully and monetarily join in the mission. Thanks for being those people who “get it!” We have the honor of trusting God for all our financial, life, ministry and medical needs as well!

The purpose of this extra letter is to ask if your in the position to give a special year-end gift. As you know, Cru is a non-profit with zero funds for staff, ministry and health expenses. As always, a few monthly partners dropped due to financial hardship. Praise the Lord though that back in August our needs were about $2000/month but now are only $600/month!

We are still working to make up this loss but our greatest need is to cover weekly private therapies and medical expenses that our son Gianluca has had and will have in 2021 because of his struggles with Autism. We’ve seen great strides in his development and we’re excited to continue to see more progress!

We also have projected needs for some conferences, expenses and even student scholarships we are committed to and want to cover the monthly gap we have as well.

Last year God covered all of our $5000 goal. The total we are trusting God for in 2021 is once again $5000. This covers Gianluca’s therapies for 12 months and other ministry and life needs as well.

Would you prayerfully consider helping us reach these funds by giving a special gift of $500, $250, $75 or some other amount?

If so make checks payable to “Cru” and mail them back with provided envelope by December 15. You can also give online at: GIVE.CRU.ORG/0635206

All gifts are tax-deductible! Feel free to call/text/email us with any questions: // 201-906-8698.

Whatever you decide, our full appreciation for you is unchanging. Thank you!


Joey & Jenn Sforza

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