Pray, Pray and Pray Again!

August is normally a thrilling time as we begin meeting with our staff team and student leaders and prayerfully plan for the new academic year. We begin planning for exciting club fairs on campus where we bring tons of Bibles and other giveaways. We meet new Christian students here every year and we share the gospel especially during the “First 10 Days.” As a staff team, we look forward with excitement for our Statewide gatherings and Fall Retreat.

Unfortunately because of Covid, almost everything is still virtual.

BUT we REFUSE to accept defeat. God is still on the throne. Jesus is still saving. And the Holy Spirit has just as much power as when Christ was raised from death. Ministry will go on!

That said, ministry will look different. So we ask you, please pray! Here are some of the faces of our student leaders on the campuses where Jenn and I specifically coach and disciple students. As you can see, we can definitely use some young male leaders, so that’s always a prayer, but we love our girls of course!


And here are prayer requests from the field.

At Hudson County Community College, we have several members still interested in doing ministry but none willing to step up as a student leader. Please pray God leads one of them or someone new to spearhead the cause. On a side note, God has opened the door for Jenn and I to befriend a non-Christian outside of campus. He happens to be blind and a Hindu but he has been coming to our church in Jersey City for about two months for the fellowship. He is open to Christ but still loves Hinduism. Pray God awakens his soul to the beauty of the gospel.

At New Jersey City University, we have a new student president named Yarimar. She’s great and ready to learn the ministry norms. Pray she and the other older student leaders commune well and accomplish all God lays out for them to do.

At Seton Hall University, God has held together a faithful team of two student leaders named Glory and Holia. They’re fantastic and mature and caring. This is incredible when you consider the fact that Cru has NEVER been formally recognized. Pray for evangelism this year. Although we cannot host large campus events, we have many ideas for virtual evangelism including training students to share their testimonies on social media. But also, we plan to challenge students to set up one-on-one evangelistic video chats with friends.

Finally at Stevens Institute of Technology, pray for an opportunity I have to preach on God’s “Omnipotence” for their weekly meeting via zoom.

So many great things happening! Thank you for your partnership in the gospel!

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