Family Update


Every July we dedicate a full ministry update about the family. We do this because, many of you asked. And, we’d prefer focusing specifically on ministry in all other letters.

Joey: Coronavirus has really flipped ministry on its head. All of the ways I thought I was able to control things, God decided to tear down. Thankfully he is faithful and showing me that he’s in control of this storm with his mighty hand. I’m a little anxious as I think about what the new semester will look like but I am trying to trust the Lord. On the other hand, working from home has provided me with much freedom to work on various personal projects. I’m proud to say I took down and spackled a dividing wall in our basement all on my own! Ha!

Jenn: Teachin… the kids…from home…was really REALLY hard and I’m so glad that is over!!! Summer made things better, though…and I’m so thankful for the warmer sun and water play and day trips to the lake! Times with Jesus have been so sweet lately too…I highly recommend “The God Has Not Forgotten Experience Guide” So. Good. On another note, I’m really excited about the new school year, as I will begin a Masters Program in Librarianship. I love reading, helping others read and I can’t wait for these classes! Cru has allowed me the freedom to balance my responsibilities as staff, a mom and these classes. It’s clear the Lord wants me to do this…and I look forward to whatever he brings later!

The Kids: Gianluca (9 in August 2020) continues to excel in overcoming obstacles because of his Autism Spectrum Disorder. He still can’t have typical conversations with you, but he’s super smart in that brain of his. Thankfully this is not all of who he is. He loves drawing and sneaking candy and climbing and lately he loves pretending to be “Romano” our family dog. Haha! Gabriel (7 in March 2020) is also doing great. We were worried that covid and not seeing his friends would have had negative consequences for him, but he actually loved learning from home. As he put it: “I don’t have to learn for 8 hours a day!” He also finally overcame his fear of riding bikes and thoroughly enjoys it. He really is a great kid! Lana Isabel (3 in July 2020) is a damsel in distress and ball of energy all-in-one. She can go from dancing like a ballerina to demanding fairness from her brothers seconds later. She also has not let us forget about her birthday all these months and looks forward to whatever surprise presents she might get! Ha

How are you?” when sincerely meant is one of the most caring questions you can ask. We’re thankful many of you want to know, we’re glad we had the chance to share. HOW ARE YOU? Please do let us know via email or text or call. We love staying in touch and knowing how we can pray for you!

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