Looking Back & Forward

May is the best time to review and praise God for all he’s done these last two semesters! Our statewide ministry of over 25 campuses saw the following by God’s grace! In all, we have 473 students involved, 118 leaders and 15 indicated decisions for Christ across the state. Praise God!

Wow! Here are some other celebratory works God did through the ministry these last two semesters at our 5 specific campuses:

  • About 500 students were exposed to the ministry of Cru through our club fairs. Over 1000 received evangelistic materials at the club fairs alone
  • At New Jersey City University, one of those students was named Ricania. She shared it was because of the Fair that she recommitted her life to Christ. She also helped with leadership this last year!
  • Also at NJCU, although we started rough, God provided an entire new leadership team right away, allowing the movement to host regular weekly meetings and over 4 campus-wide evangelistic outreaches.
  • At Ramapo College, God brought on Luke mid-year, the only male student leader among 4 other females. His wisdom and drive has been contagious.
  • Also at Ramapo, the students have gotten know Montclair State students through our monthly worship gathering called “Jersey Cru.” So fun to see such sweet fellowship!
  • At Seton Hall, we still have a movement! Despite the fact that we are underground and cannot promote publicly, students find us! Not only this, they are quality students who are all ready to help and even lead!
  • Seton Hall also crossed over to New Jersey Institute of Technology for an afternoon of evangelism. It was brief but great! Unfortunately, they cannot do public evangelism at their campus but the afternoon at NJIT gave them some valuable training and an opportunity to step out in faith!
  • Speaking of evangelism, at Stevens Institute of Technology, a team of 5 from Mississippi State University spent their spring break week evangelizing on campus! Day in and out, they even met with people multiple times!
  • Also at Stevens Institute of Technology, so many fruitful outreaches were held like “Ask Christians Anything” or “God versus science.”
  • As for prayer, at Hudson County Community College, it’s been so encouraging to see the heart of prayer in the meetings! An alumnus turned volunteer has been really pushing for this right attitude all year.
  • Also at our monthly statewide gathering called “Jersey Cru,” students arrive early to host a prayer meeting and even a prayer walk at the last one. So great!

We love being part of such a strategic and powerful ministry here in New Jersey. There is no job other than this one we feel compelled to. Thank you for being such a valuable part of it! Please pray for our seniors as they move on, as well as for us as we move into the summer and trust God with it!


Summer of 2019!

As usual, our main summer assignment will be “Summer Connect,” which is an 8 part video series Cru produces and which students watch together in hubs across the USA! Mainly we’ll be responsible for coaching about 20 student leaders across our region. We also have the privilege of taking a required seminary course, raising about $600 in needed monthly support and going to Denver for our biennial staff conference!

This year it’ll just be me, Joey, as the kids have summer school, but I am SO EXCITED to get valuable training and vision for 8 days that I know will give me just the ministry boost I need. Cru’s staff conference will gather over 5,000 of our staff will to worship, learn from His Word, and be encouraged with what God is doing throughout our ministry. We will hear from our Cru leaders as they share with us their vision as we move toward reaching the lost in every country.

The reason we write to you about this and include a response form is because the total for the conference, airfare, food and housing is a little over $1800. Would you prayerfully consider helping with these expenses by providing for one of the eight days with a special gift of any amount? Whatever you decide, we will be grateful. LINK HERE. 

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