Don’t Waste Your Summer

Go back to when you were a fiery young believer in Christ. Imagine God gave you a heart to reach your high school, college and local friends over the summer with the gospel of Christ. Unless you had the right tools, coaching and the right team, this might have just been a dream for you.

Thankfully, this is not a dream for over 150 student communities across the country. Along with traditional summer missions (where about 4000-5000 students take the gospel all over the world) Cru has once again made it possible to equip students to form active mission communities wherever they are! This is “Summer Connect,” 8 weeks of relevant Bible video studies that both help disciple students and challenge them to evangelize in their local contexts.

My main role is to coach/disciple/advise 21 communities from Maine to Ohio and down to Maryland. It’s been so exciting being a part of so many unique visions that are united because of Summer Connect. Here are just a few updates, praises and prayers from the communities I get to oversee. (FYI, the content is FREE and playable whenever you’d like. Feel free to join yourself at


Bre at the community in Westchester PA shared: “We’ve been having about 20+ people show up every week, new faces and returning faces each time! Which has been a huge blessing. It’s been really awesome to see all the connections being made. Our prayer request would just be that the momentum keeps going!”

Hannah at the Rochester NY community shared: “The Rochester summer connect group has formed such community through fellowship in only a few meetings. I ask for prayers for the community to continue to grow closer together and more importantly closer to our Lord!”

Ryan at the community in Franklinville NJ shared: “One student who was unable to make it to summer connect last summer has already joined us for the first week. We also helped at the local food bank and it was great to not only help out the people running the food bank but help out the people in the community in general.”

Emma at the Concord OH community shared: “Please praise God for the start of our community, we had 11 people at our first meeting, and 20 people the next week! This Sunday, we cooked breakfast for everyone after church! The Lord is really working here. Please pray for one of our group, Hannah, who is on vacation with a person who is a non-believer. Pray that Hannah can show her a little bit of who Jesus is! We are also praying for the political unrest in Hong Kong, there is protesting against an extradition bill. One of our group members has family there, please pray for their safety!”

So much more is going on at all the other groups! Pray they grow in discipleship, evangelism and do it all in the power of the Holy Spirit!





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