Preach the Word

As a Christ-centered college ministry, we make much of glorifying Jesus through the scriptures! Campus by campus, this will look different, but ideally, we want our student leaders to step out in faith and lead Bible studies. We want them to own the ministries on their campuses!

Of course, as staff, we also teach God’s word, which we never take on lightly. Personally I am always nervous doing so, but I am also surprised how God can still speak through a broken vessel such as myself. Here are some recent and upcoming opportunities where I had the opportunity to do so by God’s grace!

At our last Jersey Cru – our monthly statewide worship and vision night at Rutgers – I had the chance to speak with only the men about Sex & Intimacy. Using two passages out of the Song of Solomon, I taught that while sometimes the church avoids sex and while the world deifies sex, the Bible makes it clear that sex is a gift of God, crafted to be used in the right way and at the right time and for the right reasons.

But more than this, I taught our men that there are areas of intimacy other than physical; there are emotional, mental, social and spiritual. God has designed all of these areas to work together and ultimately stand on the foundation of our spiritual intimacy with Christ!

It was a great time! One student shared with me that he is not a Christian, but that he appreciated such a clear talk about God’s design for intimacy. Another privately shared his struggle with waiting for marriage while recognizing his desires for intimacy are God-given. Please pray God would continue to work in our men in this area! Also by all means, please join us at our next Jersey Cru on 4/26 (email for details).

Another talk I got to give was at Stevens Institute of Technology on 4/17. As a part of a semester-long study on people in the Bible, the movement asked me to share about Paul the Apostle. This was both such an easy but difficult assignment, as there is so much to choose from about Paul!

Nonetheless, the Lord landed me in Acts 20:17-28, where Paul gives his final goodbyes to the Ephesians church leaders. It’s likely the last time they would see each other, and being so, they earnestly listen to Paul while he – with tears – gives them wise counsel on how to lead the church.

He expounds on serving with humility, declaring the whole word of God, moral integrity, persecution, hard work, generous giving and praying well. One-by-one, I was able to humbly share about each of these and how they are important to keep in mind as Christians, but especially as student leaders. This was also a great opportunity!

Finally, if you would pray for an upcoming opportunity at Hudson County Community College on 4/24, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ll be teaching out of Acts 2 on what a fruitful and healthy movement looks like. HCCC is a smaller movement, but has the hunger for God’s word that we all should have!

On one other note, I just wanted to boast about Jenn! At our annual vision dinner on April 6, she emceed the whole night! It was a grand time celebrating all God has done in the ministry this last year. She did a phenomenal job welcoming everyone, making them feel comfortable and guiding us through the program. It was a sweet thing to see my sweet thing on the stage J

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. We are eternally grateful for you!

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