Look At That View!

Combined, New Jersey and New York City have over ONE million college students studying and setting themselves up for life. It is a monstrous ministry field for Cru!

Every year during Spring Break, the NYC Cru ministry welcomes student teams from across the USA to evangelize and pray at campuses in the city. And sometimes they have so many teams that they reach out to NJ and ask if we can take one or two. We did just that at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ, during the week of March 11-15.

Five students and staff from Mississippi State University (MSU) stepped out of their comfort zones by trading southern culture for northeast city culture, trading their own campus for a Jersey one and trading their liberal arts degrees for science and tech degrees. It was a blessing to get to know them and host them all week as we joined with the Stevens Christian Fellowship (SCF) to reach their campus with the gospel.

To encourage you, here are just a few highlights (names of non-Christians changed out of courtesy):

  • Overall, we were able to engage at least 71 students through our evangelistic outreach. These students were largely in between classes or eating lunch!
  • Student president, Ethan, was overjoyed to welcome the team and was a phenomenal host.
  • We spent a total of 4 hours during the week doing prayer walks (or drive-bys), crying out to God for the salvation of the lost and the edification of the SCF. The remaining time was dedicated to training and initiative evangelism.
  • One atheist student named William – whom a MSU student and I spoke with – grew up in a Christian home but is fed up with the faith. We let him talk for some time about all his misgivings, two of which were that Christians are hateful and ignorant of science. When we explained to him that one reason we were out and about is because we agree some Christians can be unlike Jesus and therefore we wanted to overshadow them AND when we pointed out the ministry on campus is filled with students who are majoring in the sciences and engineering, it was as if a light went off! We continued sharing and even presented the gospel! Pray William’s spiritual interest is piqued and he comes to weekly meeting or upcoming event!
  • One Muslim student named Shari met with another MSU student. In fact, she was so intrigued that she was willing to meet again the next day! Their conversation lasted a total of at least 2 hours. Praise God! In that time, she heard the clear message and offer of Jesus, as well as realized how different Islam is from Christianity. Pray Shari has an awakening in her soul that she cannot shake. Pray she comes to the weekly meeting and comes to Christ!
  • Another student named George grew up in a somewhat legalistic Christian home. While speaking with the MSU staff person who first approached him, he shared that he felt somewhat isolated on campus. At one point he shred his wish that Campus Crusade for Christ was at Stevens! Of course the staff person explained that Stevens Christian Fellowship and Cru have the same vision and are in partnership! Pray George would not remain a lost sheep and that we are able to follow up with him and plug him into community.

I can go on and on about all that God did, the amazing steps of faith our 5 MSU missionaries took, the non-Christians who heard the gospel for the first time and even the Stevens Christian students who were blessed to serve alongside this whole week. It was truly incredible!

Please continue to pray for the ministry at Stevens, as well as for all the campuses we are serving. Thank you for your continued partnership in the Gospel!

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