What is Love?

February is the month of love. Valentines Day on the 14th just naturally sets the tone for the rest of the month. The nation along with college campuses seek to celebrate in relationships, media, food and life only what Jesus can truly offer!

That said, as a ministry we took advantage of this theme, knowing students would be thinking about it. As a statewide effort, we asked students to boldly go share the gospel of Christ’s love by using a “Valentines” Survey (pictured below.)

At New Jersey City University, student leader Christian shared his experience doing some evangelism during “Love Week.”

“Valentine’s Day during evangelism in particular was fun. There were various clubs and greek life tables set out in the lobby handing out goodies for Valentine’s Day. It was packed and a perfect time. By reaching out and handing out flyers, people truly appreciated it. No one said no, and were responsive. Heading upstairs, I spoke to a few people in the cafeteria as well and laid out some flyers on the tables, and when I stopped by that area again most were gone, so I am glad some people picked them up and kept them.”

Christian was a little discouraged because it is challenging to rally believers for evangelism. Please pray we’re able to convince others of the joys of evangelism moving forward!

At Ramapo College, instead of initiative evangelism, they hosted an entire event where students could safely explore the idea of love and where they presented the gospel!

Student leader Katie relayed how things went:

“We shared a few Bible passages on love from a Biblical perspective and then opened up the floor for other students to share their personal experiences. We specifically asked if there was a time that they experienced God’s Love. Three students opened up specifically about their personal life stories. It sounded as though most of the students have their own relationship with God. However, a couple of them are experiencing immense hurt in their life and our questioning whether God is there at times.”

Students have all types of confused beliefs about love. I’m thankful we are part of a movement that aims to clarify and proclaim what True Love is through the person and work of Jesus!

Please pray we continue to GO out in boldness and compassion to communicate this amazing message. Pray all of our outreaches and events attract just the right students who need to hear His Word. Pray also for our statewide vision and worship night called “Jersey Cru” on 2/22. Our hope is that students would be exceedingly encouraged to continue the work of the ministry on their own campuses!

Thanks so much for your continued support!


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