Getting Away With Jesus

Jesus modeled for us the value solitude would have in our Christian walks. It is crucial to get away and be with the Lord for focused prayer and growth.

October 5-7, we provided about 200 students from all over Jersey, NYC and Long Island the opportunity to do just this during our Fall Retreat 2018! It was a fantastic time of deep Bible teaching, prayer, worship and fellowship.

To encourage you, I asked three students to share how they grew by going to Fall Retreat.

One student, Gabi Romano (a senior at Stevens Institute of Technology) who came to faith through the gentle witness of students involved in her school’s Christian movement, thoroughly enjoyed her experience.

“Living in a city filled with non-believers,” she shared, “it was refreshing to be around such a large body of like-minded individuals with broad smiles, eager to pray with one another and to share about their stories.  I was encouraged to continue in my mission of sharing the Gospel with others. Attending Fall Retreat re-fueled my drive to continue reaching out with passion and urgency to reach the unreached on my college campus and those who I interact with in the city.”

Gabi was also able to pray one-on-one with staff where she realized a number of things:

“I gained a better awareness of some areas that still require growth in my relationship with Jesus.  I realized that there are certain areas of my life that I still struggle giving completely to God and trusting Him with.  Prayer and self reflection that occurred at Fall Retreat has propelled my growth in pushing me to give more trust to the Lord.  Trust is an area that I still need to work

on; however, I am now able to work on this as I am aware of my need to do so.”

Another student I reached out to for a testimony is Glory Akoh (a sophmore at Seton Hall University) who recently stepped out in faith and

joined the leadership team at her school. She had a litany of great things to share:

“The speakers. Amazing. So impactful and necessary. I took notes and have been going over some of them. [The retreat helped] In my intimacy with God. And just being even more aware of His love and His closeness.  I feel more equipped to bring other believers along in growing deeper in God. Developing a more personal and meaningful relationship with Him and not being afraid to be vulnerable with God and with others when you need help and even if you don’t.”

One last student I wanted to share about was Jonathan (a freshmen, at Seton Hall Cru) who is an international student from China. Jonathan never attended anything like a college or youth retreat in China! Being part of an underground church that his parents helped form, his exposure to Christianity was mainly a Sunday service with few people his age. In early September when I first met with him and his family, he shared he was hesitant to come to the meetings because he was trying to figure out faith on his own. Well Fall Retreat definitely nudged him in the right direction!

Praise God for all HE did over this weekend getaway. Please continue to pray for the students above, as well as all those who attended. Pray they would be truly intimate with Jesus and that they would be excited to continue reaching their schools with the gospel!



“Jersey Cru” is coming up! It is our monthly gathering for students all over the state! I would love to see you there on 10/26 if you’re free. Check out for more info! Let me know if you’ll be joining!








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