Have You Heard About Cru?

New school years give us the incredible chance to ask students, especially incoming Freshmen, the simple question: “Have you heard about Cru?”

Our answer that follows is a short but sweet response. “Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. We love God. We love college students!”

For incoming believers, knowing there is a Christ-exalting ministry at their school can mean the world to them. Fellowshipping and growing with like-minded peers is typically the reason a student maintains their walk with Jesus. Additionally, being able to represent The Lord to not-yet believers is a wonderful opportunity.

To that end, the first weeks on campus we focus on getting the word out in small but loud ways. Flyers, small outreaches and even the first weekly meetings include more socializing and food than later ones. We even make sure to have a strong presence at every school’s Activities Fair!

At Ramapo College (pictured left), we endured 4 hours of 90 degree heat, but we gave away plenty of Bibles, gospel tracts and got information for about 40 students. One thing we found is that 90% of those students were female! As you can see, our leadership team is 100% female this semester.

This is occurring despite the fact that Ramapo’s gender ratio is pretty evenly split. A goal and prayer of mine therefore is to find the men! Please pray that my idea for a weekly men’s time comes to fruition in the coming weeks at Ramapo!

At New Jersey City University (right), our club fair was also a big success. The university provided FREE pizza during the whole 4 hours, which brought droves of students. At the end of our time, we gave away everything except 11 books and got about 60 students to show interest.

Unfortunately, our student leadership team slowly fell apart in these first few weeks on campus. For one reason or another (mostly unavailability), all but one student leader stepped down. This leaves us with a major need but also a major opportunity.

A goal and prayer in the coming weeks at NJCU is that God would supernaturally raise up mature, committed student leaders to push the movement forward! Please pray with us that He would have His way!

Another push for the new school year is our first “Jersey Cru,” which is our monthly gathering for students all over the state! As staff, we get to cast lots of vision, encourage our students with the Word, present opportunities and see God spark new missional friendships. Students knowing other student leaders is a major win for our ministries!

I would love to see you there on 9/28 if you’re free. Check out www.jerseymetro.com/jerseycru for more info! Let me know if you’ll be joining!











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