Regular Faithful Ministry

Behind the glamour of more boisterous public ministry or outreaches, students also pray about, plan for and are used by God through regular, “old” ministry endeavors that are just as fruitful. While juggling classes, family life, work, it’s amazing to see what Jesus does through the quieter but faithful efforts.

In the last month or so, the Ramapo College Cru (pictured above) movement enjoyed exactly this reality through a number of endeavors.

An early semester campfire provided great opportunity to meet people and set a tone of friendship for the movement. Weekly meetings have had a great turnout with so many interested in growing in Christ. One weekly meeting a girl named Karly accidentally came to the meeting, thinking it was the LGBT support group!

At first she seemed hesitant to stay and was even slightly critical in tone, but she has continued coming out! She has heard the gospel now for some time, but student leaders Caitlyn and Katie hope to meet with her and share the beautiful news of the gospel more personally.

Weekly meeting at NJCU

Another outreach was Trivia Night! It was just a simple fun game night, where they presented the gospel at the end. Students who had not gotten any of the flyers decided to stay and LOVED it. They also loved that it was a Christian group hosting the night.

Learning to be the Light event was also a cute and relaxing success. All students did was paint various objects with glow paint (almost like a painting class) but at some point, our students got up and shared what it means be a light for Christ…and what it means to become a light for Christ.

As a praise, we’ve also had more men coming out, and even previous leaders/alumni leading various responsibilities on campus!

At Hudson County Community College, the movement almost died until the previous president decided to take on the responsibility of leading! A few weeks ago I got to share about the importance of the Spirit-filled life. One student commented that she needed to hear exactly that message!

As an update for New Jersey City University, you may remember things were rather dire in the middle of September. The entire leadership team except one stepped down for various reasons. It was anguish, but our staff team, this one student and several Christians working at NJCU began praying! After asking, knocking and seeking, God opened the doors, introduced us to three other mature students, and now we have a full leadership team—enough to remain in good status with the university!

Stevens event “Ask Christians Anything”

Finally, at Stevens Institute of Technology, they reshaped their regular weekly meeting on 10/24 to become an evangelistic outreach where the crowd could “Ask Christians Anything.” Two students and a pastor (who I happened to know!) did a superb job representing Christ and answering tough questions seasons with salt. The Stevens Christian Fellowship asked me to come share on 11/28. Pray I am faithful to God’s word as I talk about wise evangelism.

Praise God for the mundane and massive ways he works. Pray that we would flow in his ways, not matter how he choose to work!



“Jersey Cru” is coming up! It is our monthly gathering for students all over the state! I would love to see you there on 12/7 if you’re free. Check out for more info! Let me know if you’ll be joining!

“Winter Conference” in Baltimore is coming up too! This year it is not only open to Cru students but all college-age students, who can even come with their whole church! See more on

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