Student Prayer Requests for New Semester!

For the first time last August, we tried out something very new with our prayer letter before a new semester. We had asked our student presidents to list praises and prayer requests regarding their campuses.

What transpired the next few months was amazing! God used your prayers to bolster our campus movements! It was incredible to see new leaders arise on every campus, evangelism to be a focus and for prayer to unite our students together like never before.

Because of this, we’re compelled to submit a list of prayer requests once more as we prepare for the new academic year!

Jonathan, student president at Seton Hall University, shared:

Praises 1- Our movement growing despite adversity. Getting contacted by students out of the blue saying they’ve been praying for a group like Cru at Seton Hall University. 2- Meetings scheduled with faculty who might be able to help move forward with more formal recognition. 3- Thank God for the hope he has given us over the summer as we look forward to a new year of great community with new friends.

Prayer: 1- That our group would grow together in community as we get to meet new friends 2- Strength for leadership 3- That all our students will learn to be spiritual leaders.

Caitlyn, student president at Ramapo College, shared:

Praise: 1- President again for youth group at my church. 2- My sister will be joining Ramapo this semester. 3- God has touched the heart of a friend who decided to give me their car! Thank you Jesus!!

Prayer: 1- Guidance for this school year. 2- Spiritual growth, that I may continue with a strong desire to serve and know God. 3- Salvation for my parents (family in general), but especially my mom. It’s sad to see someone who was so strong in her faith, no longer walking with the Lord.

William, student president at Stevens Institute, shared:

Praises: 1- Becoming a Registered Student Organization (RSO) allows the movement to bypass some of the problems we’ve had in previous years with financing, scheduling, and events. It should also help us get publicity more easily.

Prayer: 1- That the movement grows in numbers. In the Fall, I expect to have only 12 members return from last semester (including the 5 on the leadership team). Pray for us to have evangelical hearts, the courage to talk about Christ at a tech school, and for the people we speak to have open hearts and minds. 2- That the current leadership team finds excellent disciples of Christ to pass the leadership off to in the Spring. Pray that God clearly reveals the new leadership team to the current leadership team.

Jonye, student president at New Jersey City University, shared:

Praises: 1- That we were the largest organization on campus. 2- That the Holy Spirit gave fresh ideas for evangelism, discipleship and campus ministry overall.

Prayer: 1- That we would have strength to push on in the new semester. 2- Wisdom for how to push on and trust that God is in control.

Thank you so much for sticking with us in accomplishing our goal of reaching college students in NJ with the gospel of Christ. There is still so much more work to do! Please pray for the new semester! And please pray for us as a family, our staff and especially our students. Thank you!



Joey & Jenn Sforza





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