In With the New

A lot of new things are going on at nearly all our campuses! It’s an exciting semester where staff and students are prayerfully expecting God to do great things! On February 15 and 16, Cru at New Jersey City University had a two-day back to school outreach with the theme “moving forward.” Their gospel-sounding worship team made up mostly of current students and even some alumni opened the nights with loud Christ-exalting praise!

On night one, our student vice president brought the word, and night two, there was a guest speaker. It was an exciting way to launch the semester! Last semester, at least 3 students came to Christ at NJCU through the efforts of our student movement. Praise God!

At Ramapo College of New Jersey, things are also being shaken up.

“We’d like to do more evangelism again,” James, the student president, told me in a coaching meeting I had with him.

Now every week on Mondays at 1:30, they set up a table with tools used to spark spiritual conversations with students walking by. In the featured photo above, you’ll see “Soularium,” an interview tool guided by questions that slowly move from general life opinions to a gospel presentation. Students love it on both sides!

I’ve also made it a point to train and take students out for initiative evangelism, where we use similar tools, like surveys, to open conversations with others on campus. James and I got to chat with two student friends. One claimed to have general belief in a “god,” and the other was a staunch atheist. It was such a friendly conversation!

Although they did not come to Christ, we were able to present the gospel and leave them with info about the movement.

Finally, at Seton Hall University, after a whole semester in which I was simply meeting with one student for Bible studies and coaching, we now have a weekly meeting Wednesdays at 4:00 pm!

Through God’s grace and sovereignty, several students found out about us through the grapevine and reached out! What an encouragement to Jon (our faithful student president) who has seen the movement go through many ups-and-downs, and who has endured several rejections for membership as a student club from the university administration. Please pray for the above three updates! Pray the Holy Spirit has His way and many believers grow deeper in Christ as we seek to bring more into the Kingdom than ever!

You’re invited! Come out to “Jersey Cru” this semester! It is our monthly worship and vision gathering happening on 2/23, 3/23 and 4/27! You will have such a blast seeing the ministry “in action” as students share what God’s doing at their campuses and hear about various opportunities. More info on

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