Transformative Conferences

Cru hosted 9 Winter Conferences in cities across the U.S.A. over the break. About 90 Jersey students and another 1200 others from across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast got together from 12/28-1/1 at the Baltimore Winter Conference! It was a transformative time! With great Bible teaching, powerful worship and a focus on growing closer to Christ, our students truly grew and got ready to come back as missionaries at their schools. But don’t just trust me. I asked a few for feedback and here’s what they said.

Jonathan Castellano, who is graduating from Rutgers and plans to join staff, said the conference met all his expectations and more.

“I had high expectations since last year. I looked forward to relevant and biblically founded lectures, practical breakouts, and hearing what God is doing around the world.”

Jersey Students Striking A Pose

He hopes to apply as much as possible in his walk as well. “I hope to be able to balance the truth of the gospel and God’s law with showing grace, both with other Christians and while evangelizing.”

Shanard Seabrooks, a student at Montclair State Univ., also had a great encouraging time. One particular message encouraged him to stay in the fight and not give up being a missionary on campus.

“We’re on campus trying to make His name known. But it seems like the darkness is overbearing the light of Christ. It was a very encouraging word, reminding me personally to stay on the battlefield for the Lord. Don’t be moved by people, places or things but continue to be strong and steadfast in Jesus.”

Finally, Jonathan Drayton, from New Jersey City University, was moved with a few friends to just seek God’s face in the A.M. hours! “Eight students and I stood up at 4:00 am, praying and calling to God. His presence swept through. Just that moment alone made me feel like I grew closer to Christ!”

Praise God for all he did through the Baltimore Winter Conference! Please pray for our students and staff as they prepare for the new semester! Specifically, pray for our student leaders summit on January 26-27. It is a time of prayer, training and planning out what God would have our movements do this semester! Thank you for continuing to partner along with us!

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