(Free) Dinner & A Film

One of the greatest benefits of being on staff is the many hats we get to wear! One day we might be a coach, teaching students how to speak publicly, share the gospel or deal with interpersonal conflict.

Another day we might be doing those very things ourselves OR updating our ministry blog OR presenting at church OR having staff meetings/prayer OR even sometimes handling the speaker system at an event.

Last week, Jenn and I got to create a “JCRU” board (above) for our monthly student gathering called “Jersey Cru.” It was a fun all-day project that we think will really add to our Jersey identity. By all means if you are free March 23 or April 27 at 8pm, please come! Let us know if you plan to!

Another project I worked on this last month was a new ministry video. Every spring we love to document what Christ has done the last academic year. The video’s title is “Cru: At A Glance,” in which we feature our three-fold strategy of WIN (evangelism), BUILD (discipleship) and SEND (summer and workplace missions).

We will debut the FULL film at our annual Fellowship Dinner on April 7th, which YOU are invited to! Check out all the info for that here: www.jerseymetro.com/dinner. It’s a FREE dinner, but you must RSVP to secure your spot. So to see the film in full, come on out!

In the meantime, I thought you would be GREATLY encouraged by what some of our students in the video shared! All photos are screen shots from the film.

Nick from New Jersey Institute of Technology shared: “NJIT is a unique campus with quite a few international students who may have never heard the gospel and others who hold any number of worldviews. Our strategy is getting into the heart of campus…either by initiative one-on-one conversations or formal outreaches. We’ve had hundreds of gospel and spiritual conversations and even a decision for Christ last semester.”

Charlene from Rutgers University shared: “We’ve seen enormous growth. In prayer, just last week we had more than 5 times the amount of people we would have at weekly prayer. It’s not all about numbers, but it’s so great to see everyone together building each other up and encouraging each other to build Christ up.”

Finally, we got to hear from Ashley from Monmouth University who went to Hampton Beach Summer Mission, and Jon from Camden County College who went to Puerto Rico Summer Mission.

Ashley shared: “We as college students need to know we are 100% sent as missionaries at our schools. We also get to go on summer missions. My outreach team and I got to engage a young, broken girl named Jordan who surrendered to Christ during our time there!”

Jon closes the video with this testimony: “I saw God work crazy miracles in Puerto Rico. Three people came to Christ! As college students, we can take this missionary conviction with us wherever Jesus leads us to work and serve the rest of our lives. We must urgently take the command of Jesus to make disciples of all nations!”


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