Blitzing Isn’t Only for Football

College students love spring break! Typically, they’ll go away on a road trip, beach adventure or simply just binge on Netflix. Thankfully, in Jersey, students decided to invest in the Kingdom instead. Because our schools are off on different weeks, we did something called “Campus Blitz.”

We asked students who were on break to come to Rutgers (which was still in session) on 3/8 and to Montclair State on 3/16 (which was in session) and do all-day evangelism! As staff, we lead students in devotionals on the Holy Spirit, we trained students on how to have evangelism conversations and we even showed them various survey tools we use. Then we blitzed!

Some students stepped out to share their faith for the first time. While at Montclair Univ., Deysi (a student from Stockton Univ.) said, “”I realized that even though I’m typically a shy, awkward person, I still love talking to people about Jesus.” Amen! My most intriguing interactions while sharing happened at Rutgers.

During one, Johana (a Kean Univ. student) and I spoke with a friendly atheist. He explained that while religion has done a lot of good, he feels he just does not need it. We were able to share explain that God is all about relationship through Christ, not rules. Although he didn’t come to Christ, he thanked us and we left him our info. During another conversation, Julie (also from Kean) and I sat down with a Muslim student. When we asked her if she would like to know God personally, she responded with, “You know, I never thought of things in that way. It never crossed my mind that one could know God personally.” We spent several minutes listening to her share her story and beliefs. We were also able to share about Jesus. She did not show interest in trusting Christ for salvation, but we thanked her and continued our day.

So often this is our reality, but successful evangelism isn’t forcing conversions; it is “sharing the gospel of Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God.” We don’t always get to see fruit, but we are still called to plant seeds and trust God with the outcome.

Praise God for Campus Blitz! Through it, we got to see students step out in faith, and others says yes to Jesus. All in all for both weeks, about 27 Cru students came and we engaged with 72 students. 4 of those indicated decisions for Christ! Praise God! Please pray that fruit would come of this — both for our students applying what they learned at their own schools and also for those who trusted in Christ.

In other exciting news, please pray for upcoming outreaches. At NJCU, on March 28 at 2pm, our students will host “Nachos & God,” where they will simply invite the student community to come and share whatever it is they believe about God, religion and spirituality. After listening for an hour, our student leaders will present the gospel. Of course the nachos are a plus as well!

Also, at Rutgers on March 21 at 7pm, we’ll be hosting an evangelistic magic outreach called “The MAZE,” as we did at Kean Univ. in the fall semester. We expect this to be one of our biggest outreaches, since close to 300 students came last time. In fact, I’m so excited about this event that if you want to join us, please reach out to me! I think you’ll be blessed.

Finally, on April 8th, our ministry is hosting our annual Fellowship Dinner, where we celebrate what God has done this last year by featuring students live on stage, hearing from key staff and even debuting a new ministry video (which I got to produce). This dinner acts as the ministry’s annual fundraiser. No funds go to staff, but instead help with practical resources like Bibles, equipment or other things. If you’d like to join us, please do. Just go to to register and let us know you’re coming!


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