Helping Students Grow

Jesus’ three years of ministry involved both reaching unbelievers and also investing in believers. Not only do we want to share about God’s love with all those who have not heard on campus, we also want our students to grow.

MSU’s weekly meeting

Right now, Cru in Jersey has about 500 students actively involved on 23 campuses. Our future goal is to get on every campus in the state, effectively reaching the 430,000 college students with a staff-coached, student-led movement on each campus.

Like Jesus taught, the harvest is always plentiful and often laborers are few. Right now, our staff is made of 7 full-time staff and 2 part-time staff. When people hear the difference between our team and our goal, they gasp!

Thankfully we have a great God who has given us his Holy Spirit and helpful strategies. One of those strategies is to coach student leaders. Since we cannot be on every campus all the time, our role as staff is to be “coaches,” helping students develop as leaders, evangelists and mature Christians. We do this in a number of ways.

One of my favorite parts of the job is meeting with students one-on-one for development and discipleship. This last semester at New Jersey City Univ., I was able to walk Makua through a difficult personal decision he was wrestling with. At Montclair State Univ., Jaylen and I were able to talk through what Biblical relationships look like. Also at MSU, I showed Dillon the importance of the inerrancy and authority of scripture.

We also get to see students grow as leaders. I’ve come alongside the student leaders at Seton Hall as they continue to boldly pursue recognition from school officials. At Hudson Community College, we’ve shown the leaders how to plan and execute evangelistic outreaches from start to finish. Even just sitting down talking through questions students have about leadership, as I was able to do with leaders from Ramapo College, is important!

In addition to this, students grow through our regular weekly meetings, both learning how to organize one as a team and by actually stepping up in faith and leading a Bible study – sometimes for the first time!

Worship at JCru gathering

Finally, as staff we organize a number of trainings or gatherings students can come to for growth. One of our most exciting events is our monthly gathering “Jersey Cru,” where we host over 200 students from across the state to worship Jesus, hear a good word and listen for opportunities like Summer Mission or others. Coming to “JCru” (as we call it for short) is one of the keys to getting students inspired for college ministry! To see and befriend staff and students from across the state, who are all on mission at their respective schools, has a powerful effect.

This semester, “JCru” will be held on 2/24, 3/24 and on 4/28 at 8pm. You are welcome to join us! Check out more info here: Let us know if you’re coming!

There are a number of other ways students get to grow in Christ through the ministry. I’ve only shared a few here, but I pray it blesses you to know that our world’s future leaders are being spiritually cultivated for the cause of the Gospel. Pray this has supernatural and long-term effects!

Announcing Baby Number Three


In other news, we are excited and thankful to God for the gift of another child! Due July 28th!

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