Every Student Needs to Hear About Jesus (Video!)

Of the 7 billion people on planet earth today, about 150 million are college students. They’re studying science, art, business, marketing, education and any number of other subjects. They’re making lifelong friendships and deciding what they believe about relationships, politics and religion. These students will graduate and become the world’s future leaders in their respective fields.

This is one of the greatest reasons we’re driven to do college ministry. Cru’s vision has always been to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ by focusing on this strategic group of future world leaders. Every student in every corner of the globe needs to hear about Jesus.

In Jersey, this truly motivates our staff and students. We want all 430,000 college students to hear about our great Savior. Every student in every school!

Recently, I got to film students from 6 different schools talking about this goal, as well as both the challenges and joys of college ministry. We’ve called the video Every Student, which you can view on sforzagrams.com. For your convenience, below is a review.

On the difficulty of campus ministry, the students revealed a lot.

Jonathan from Rutgers: “There was a freshman who came out for a while. Everything was great. He came to the Bible studies, but he also took a New Testament class by an atheist professor. It really shook his faith and he stopped coming.”

Massiel from Montclair University: “One of the hardest things is encouraging Christian students to share their faith. A lot of students don’t know the importance of being a missional Christian.”

Jon from Seton Hall: “One of the most difficult things for me is to hear the harsh generalizations people make when I say I’m a Christian. It’s so frustrating to have those put on you when they’re not true about yourself.”

BUT GOD! While the ministry is challenging, it is worth it, because Christ is worthy! Here are some of the joyful experiences students shared about.

Massiel from Montclair shared: “I’ve never been in a community where people brought me in and genuinely wanted to be my friend. It’s just been very great!”

Tiarra from Ocean County Community College: “Through one outreach called ‘Cookie for a Prayer,’ we were able to pray for dozens of students right on the spot, even in front of all of their peers.”

Phil from Rowan: “My friends and I regularly share the gospel on campus. One day a girl who struggled with suicidal thoughts and depression starting asking some questions. The next semester she was baptized in her church and had professed faith in Christ!”

Praise God for what he’s doing in the ministry! We hope you stop by www.sforzagrams.com and watch the full video, which is only 4 minutes long. Thank you for continuing to pray and give as we labor in reaching every student for Jesus.

Full Video

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