Arise: Winter Conference

Getting away for some alone time with Jesus is good. Getting away to meet with Jesus with 1400 students and staff for Winter Conference is also good! From December 28 – January 1, over 95 Jersey students attended this year’s conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The theme was “Arise.”

Students heard from leading pastors and staff in large main sessions as well as mini-seminars on topics like Global Missions, Pornography, Bible Reading and Prayer. Additionally, we had the privilege of worshipping in song every day and even brought in the New Year with boisterous sounds of praise! During our final night, the Lord used a main speaker to challenge the whole conference to “go” where God leads, “do” as God guides, “say” as God says and “give” as God gives. This is what we call “The Pledge” every year. Here are some numbers from that pledge:

948 Signed the Pledge to God, Do, Say & Give as God wills.

129 Committed to spend at least a year of life in full-time vocational ministry.

293 Committed to go on a Summer Mission with Cru.

54 Indicated they trusted Christ for salvation for the first time!

These numbers are so encouraging! Pray for staff as we follow-up with these commitments. What was also

Jersey Students at Winter Conference

encouraging was to hear from students at my schools as well as others. I asked some for feedback, which is copied below.

“One thing [I’ll take back to my] campus is that I’m not supposed to be comfortable. I’m a leader for evangelism, so that already is uncomfortable for me. Talking to strangers isn’t always easy, but I’ve learned that we still have the responsibility in making disciples and sharing the gospel.”

– Jaylen, student leader at Montclair Univ.

“Cru has allowed me to experience new things every time I go to an event. Showing me that doing outreach is not just walking up to random people I do not know, but doing things in my community that shows I care and helps me develop relationships with people around me. Bringing Christ’s love into everything I do makes an impact even if I do not see the fruits of it immediately.”

– Annie, student leader at Rowan Univ.

“The conference helped me to love Jesus more deeply by giving me a better understanding of who he is. The speaker’s did such a good job of presenting who Jesus is and his personality in the scriptures that reminded me of his forgiveness, and pursuance of us while we were still sinners. Being reminded of who Jesus is helped me fall in love with him even more.”

Jon, student leader at Seton Hall Univ.

Jenn and I praise Christ for all he did during our time away at the conference. It’s refreshing to know just how much students were impacted by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. Please pray they will apply what they learned as individuals and as missionaries at their schools. Thank you!


One of my favorite Bible teachings from the conference. Enjoy! Start the video at 50 minutes.


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