Sermonettes // One Fun Summer Assignment

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.19.06 AM

Thanks to local pastors, youth leaders and Cru Alumni, this summer I have had a fun ministry assignment that will help our student movements in the fall.

I asked about a dozen speakers to let me film them sharing a 12-minute “sermonette” or mini-sermon. These videos, along with discussion questions based on the passage of scripture, will be made available exclusively to our student leaders to use at their schools’ weekly meetings or small groups. I’ll also be speaking in one, and all the content will be on

This is a huge win! Jenn and I love the local church. We go to Vroom Street Church in Jersey City and serve in various capacities. And we love when the local church and our students can connect. It’s not always easy because of logistics, but this is a great way local leaders could serve students.

Please pray the Lord would continue to use the remaining speakers I get to film the rest of July and August!

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