What is “Summer Connect?”

The world is in need of a message that offers hope, love, truth and power. When God sent Jesus to rescue people from their sin by dying on a cross and rising from death, he began a thrilling movement: missions. All over the world right now, students are on Cru Summer Missions, being challenged to grow in and share their faith. One thing we have found, though, is that most students cannot go. So nationally, Cru has launched an initiative so students can be on mission wherever they are. It’s called “Summer Connect.”

Over 1800 students are participating in Thursday Night Live broadcasts, in which gifted teachers share from the Bible. They’re stepping out for Faith Step Fridays to care for their neighbors, co-workers and friends. And they’re even doing evangelistic and service outreaches locally. Most students have joined one of over 120 hubs across the nation, so they can hear the teachings and discuss them in real community.

As one of my assignments, I am a Regional Director, coaching and giving oversight to 23 hub leaders across the Mid-Atlantic. I also get to manage the broadcasts as Technology Director. In New Jersey, we have set up 5 student-led hubs in V13400980_10202052992924222_2097671224_nerona, Union, New Brunswick, Toms River and Atco. Here’s some encouraging feedback from our students!

Ben Chung (whose hub is pictured right), a student from Kean Univ., who leads our Union hub said, “Most of the people in my hub are good friends. To be able to really understand each other in a comfortable environment was key. And to be able to connect outside of the school environment was a good start.)”

Natalia Machado, student from Camden County College, who leads our Atco hub said, “I expected the unexpected! I never considered how heavily this would influence my own faith and understanding in fellowship. It’s an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

13393122_1212987435401313_1226177712_nCharlene Manalaysay (hub left), a student at Rutgers Univ., who leads our New Brunswick hub, says some seeking friends of hers have come to the Thursday broadcasts! “A lot of the people who attend are either still considering dedicating their lives to Christ or are new in their relationships with God. I’m also being challenged to talk about my faith openly in front of people who I’m not entirely familiar with.”

Tiara Westerhoek, a student at Ocean County College, who leads the Toms River hub, said, “As we learn more about who He truly is, we fall more in love with him. I hope that by the end of the summer, everyone is able to enter the new semester refreshed and with a new found confidence of who they are in Christ.

Nothing like Summer Connect exists as far as we know. Please pray that the remaining broadcasts and outreaches would give God lots of glory. Pray our students would refresh and mature in their walks with Jesus. Also please check out the Summer Connect Teaching below. It is on the power of the Holy Spirit, one of my favorite thus far!

Thank you for being part of our calling to see college students won for Christ and, in turn, reaching the world for Christ! We hope you like our latest magnet. It only took 50 tries to get the boys to smile at the same time! Please continue pray for us. And let us know how we can pray for you!



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