Girls Night During the Blitz (By Jenn)

Hello! It’s Jenn writing here…

On March 9th, I had the wonderful opportunity to help with a big outreach at Rutgers called “Girls Night Out.” It was a fun night! Photo booth, punch bowls and live pop music! I got to design some of our signs, as well as welcome ladies into the main room.

IMG_6162The event featured hilarious national speaker Marian Jordan from Redeemed Girl Ministries. She spoke about her story. Her trials. She came to college and got swept up in love and romance. Tried to fill a void because she didn’t have a father figure. Naturally she thought she found the one. He used her and tossed her away. She got into alcohol and parties and hooking up with guys to numb herself.

After graduating, she decided she would go to NYC to find a great job and have lots of money so she could have success and great clothes. She had it all! Fancy parties. Restaurants.

But she felt empty. Once at a bar, she realized how alone and empty she was. She prayed for the first time, “God if you’re real help me.”

Literally after this prayer, a friend invited her to a church event, which is where she heard about The Man Jesus, and she gave her life to Christ!

The room was silent after Marian shared her story. One of our Cru girls said, “The same sorority girls dancing to pop star Taylor Swift in the beginning were crying at the end. God really touched them.” Another one of our Cru girls explained that the student she connected with afterwards was heartbroken after being dumped by her boyfriend that day! Her story almost certainly connected with the speaker’s.

In all 1 out of 4 ladies indicated decisions for Christ! That is 20 out of the 80 girls in the audience! Praise God for revealing Christ to them! Our Rutgers staff and students have already followed up with all 20 girls. Many of which agreed to meet or go to the Cru meeting. How wonderful Jesus is that he restores broken women and makes them whole! Pray the results of this outreach would change the culture at Rutgers!

12814655_794254745790_6317542707160997323_nHello! Joey here now ☺

Girls Night Out was indeed spectacular. This occurred during a separate outreach called “Campus Blitz,” where we asked Jersey students on spring break to come to Rutgers March 9th & 10th. We had evangelism training, community, devotionals and then we BLITZed the campus with the gospel! Almost 20 students from different schools came! After both days, dozens of Rutgers students heard the gospel and 2 indicated decisions for Christ. Praise God!

We are doing this again at Kean Univ. on March 16th & 17th. Pray we have a fruitful time blitzing the campus with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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