He Had My Son’s Name!

It was mid-afternoon on February 10th when I took out one of my student leaders to evangelize at Montclair State Univ. He was nervous. I was too! But by the Holy Spirit’s power, we stepped out in faith and initiated conversations. One was with a student who shared our son’s rare name: “Gianluca.” We were off to a good start, joking and relating over the name, but about halfway in, Gianluca looked disinterested and claimed he had to go. It was awkward, as evangelism sometimes is.

Our next conversation with a gal named Tiffany was much more fruitful. She engaged the entire time and explained the doubts that led to her agnostic lifestyle. We listened and did not judge, and shared the entire story of Jesus. We felt she was blown away by the clear message of God’s love.

Of course we followed up and invited both Gianluca and Tiffany to Cru’s meeting, but they didn’t show. PRAY that the seeds which were planted grow, and that our one-on-one evangelism efforts like these would be indeed fruitful this semester!

Hope at Seton Hall Univ

IMG_7364As we shared in November 2015, things have been shaky at Seton Hall Univ. Although, we’ve covertly ministered with a strong team of student leaders for almost three years, our efforts to gain recognition from the university have been rejected repeatedly.

By God’s grace, though, we have met an insider and advocate! A student and Christian named Daniel has been involved with Seton Hall’s student activities for some time. Without our asking, he proactively sought out the administrator, whose approval we need, to persuade this higher up to grant us membership!

This admin has agreed to sit in on our weekly meeting on February 22! We’re hopeful and prayerful that after seeing what we do, he will gladly grant us his approval! Please pray with us! Getting recognition will open so many doors to reaching SHU even more broadly with the gospel!

Rutgers Focus

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 3.19.33 PMThis year, God had lead our staff team to focus a lot on Rutgers Univ., because it is the largest school with over 45,000 students! As part of this focus, all staff will help with 3 major evangelistic outreaches this semester. Our first is Campus Blitz, where we will spend 2 days with a team of students evangelizing! Second is Girls Night Out, an outreach for ladies where national speaker Marian Jordan shares her story of brokenness and redemption in Christ. Finally, we are hosting an E2 Forum, which is a dinner for students to hear success stories from Christian professionals in their field, who will also share the gospel!

Having less staff this New Year, the semester has been a stretch of faith for us. Please pray we work well in all our roles and responsibilities but also rest well! Thank you all for following our calling with prayer and generosity!


Thank You


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