There’s An App for That

One of the things I love about campus ministry is the opportunity for outreach innovation.

One of those innovations is an app called “Perspective Cards” (which you can download for free!). It carries out like a conversation/game. You ask a friend/stranger if they’d like to participate in a game in which they answer questions about their spiritual perspective.

And through 7 categories about things like the Nature of God, Meaning of Life and Person of Jesus – you get to really listen to people. You may be tempted to whip out your Ravi Zacharias talking points, but showing the other person you’re first willing to listen is crucial. It builds trust!

Of course once you are done working through their answers, you should lovingly share the gospel. Simply ask the person if you can now explain your perspective. And then tell them about the radical love and life we find in Jesus Christ’s life, death, burial and resurrection. And how his work reconnects us to God!

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.09.47 AMRecently, Jeffrey, student president at Montclair State Univ., had the opportunity to use the Perspective Cards app with a friend. Here is how it went:

“I’ve known Guillermo since freshman year, and one lunch recently, I was sitting by myself reading the Bible. Since I know him, he came over to me asking if he could sit with me, so he I said yes. I just felt the Holy Spirit lead me to start up a spiritual conversation.

“I started by asking him more about his background then eventually spiritual background. Then I asked him if he would mind doing this spiritual survey I had on an app on my phone. So I went through it with him.

“He never really heard of the concept of knowing God personally. He didn’t think that was possible at first. He was also struggling with the idea that we inherited the curse of sin originally through Adam and Eve.

“Also, he saw Jesus as just a spiritual leader but not really as God. He also thought the meaning of life was to live for self. He knew generic things about Christianity, but I don’t think really saw it as a personal relationship with Jesus.

“Overall, the conversation went well. We didn’t get to a [salvation] decision, but I felt he was very challenged. So cool to be able to use that app!”

Isn’t that wonderful to read? A Christian student stepping out in faith to reach another with the gospel of Christ on one of the most strategic missions fields: the college campus. Please pray for Jeffrey, Guillermo and all our movements across the state! Feel free to join us at our monthly statewide worship gathering on April 29, 2016. It’s going to be a blast! See all info at

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