Our Son Gianluca | Update 2


IMG_8597Because of your generous support, the LORD brought in just over the $3800 we were praying for to cover our son’s medical expenses, as well as other ministry expenses. We’re so genuinely appreciative that you have partnered with us in the Gospel of Jesus! Our kids are just as much a part of our calling as full-time campus workers.

Gianluca has been steadily improving. Through his speech and occupational therapies at our local medical center, he’s learned new phrases and ideas. We’re hopeful he will become more and more conversational!

Also, Gianluca’s first week at his new school was a success! He’s in a specialized classroom for autistic kids. He has great teachers and he gets to take a school bus there and back! We’re thankful to God for this change.

While he has made progress, Gianluca still has a long way to go. If you ask him, “What is your name?” he will NOT respond. He also does not know how to answer simple “yes” or “no” questions. These are known autistic delays that typically developing 3-year-olds will have mastered by now. PLEASE PRAY that God’s Holy Spirit would help our son develop. We trust his new schooling and therapists, but we know God is his best therapist. Thank you!

Finally, for fun, here is a cute picture of Gabriel, our younger son! Look at those squishy cheeks! And that smile!


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