Stats for Online Evangelism

Along with going into the trenches of spiritual warfare with our students right on their campuses, as staff we get to participate in online evangelism.

Cru’s main vehicle for this is (In Jersey, we also use our ministry’s website:

Last month, I shared how a student named Muhammed emailed me a question through the website. Please pray he would respond to Jesus!

Recently, pulled some stats together. Here they are.

2014 results

“Indicated decisions” are those who told us they asked Jesus to come into their lives while on the site.

Here’s what this looks like the last few years (rounded numbers):
2012 – 5 million visits; 75,000 decisions
2013 – 11 million visits; 170,000 decisions
2014 – 18.9 million visits; 250,000 decisions

People find in a variety of ways. They hear about it from someone. Or see an article or video shared in Facebook, Twitter, etc. But the largest number of people come from personally starting a search on Google.

These are people literally searching for answers to their life or searching for God. As staff, we will follow up with decision and try to connect these students to the movements at their schools and to a church nearby.

When Jesus commissioned us into all the world, I think that includes going wherever lost people are, even online. Pray for us as we continue to not only labor face-to-face on campus but online as well.

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