Anchored in the Holy Spirit

10931685_758364397583061_2600586744703729157_oRADIATE is our annual, regional conference held in DC for four nights through New Years Day! Over 1000 students and 250 staff joined for a spectacular time in Christ!

“Anchored” was our theme. In Acts 1:8, Jesus says, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Our main speaker, Matt Mikalatos, emphasized the greatness of the Gospel to change the lives of both unbelievers and believers but once we are followers, we must be “anchored” in the power of the Holy Spirit to live the Christian life, evangelize and accomplish all God’s plans. We will fail on our own.

Students had a great time at RADIATE. In fact, because of your generous support, Jenn and I were able to help pay for 6 New Jersey students (over 80 NJ students went!) and one Dominican student named Juan Marcos, who flew in from Santo Domingo for the conference. Juan Marcos is a student leader at the university where we had our summer mission in DR.

10682_10205802199082318_6887078160301357610_nJuan Marcos (far right) told me: “At RADIATE, I shared what is happening in the Dominican Republic with students from USA, I felt exited to have that experience. I learned about “breaking down idols” when they were talking about the reasons we look for idols in our life. The speaker motivated us to worship God as the only one God. God taught me through that I am part of the community and I have also a relationship with Him.”

Terrel Hargrove (center) is a student involved in Cru at New Jersey City Univ. He also shared:

“I have been to so many conferences my whole life and I can say that Radiate is one of the best. The speakers were incredible and very inspirational. My faith became much more stronger. The power of the Holy Spirit has took me to another level and now God has opened up doors for me that I cannot explain.”

Jenn and I especially enjoyed this year, since we had a reunion with our students and staff from the Dominican Republic summer mission we went on in 2014. At a breakout session, we also helped promote for the DR summer mission in 2015!

Jenn excitedly brought Dominican treats to share with interested students. There was Dominican chocolate milk, “chinola” (passion fruit juice), 10891534_728842517420_642404052255352074_nplantain chips and these delicious coconut cookies! All of which represented memories and experiences. Jenn also translated (right) for the DR’s National Director of Campus Ministry, who joined us at the conference. Translating was a huge part of our experience in DR, so it was neat for interested students to see it in action.

10393740_728844972500_6848735316752741285_nI had the privilege of casting vision (left) for why students should go. I shared many things during my time up front, but the main reason anyone should do missions is God wants glory in reaching those who have not heard the gospel or have not heard it clearly.

It’s wonderful news! God has made a way for us sinners to be reconciled with HIM! We get God! In DR and in New Jersey, I have come across countless college students who only see Jesus through a fog. Our calling is to clearly point people to Jesus through the power of God’s Holy Spirit.

Here are some encouraging figures from the conference:

741 students signed the pledge “Lord Jesus, I submit to you and in the power of your Spirit, I will…go where you want me to go, do what you want me to do, say what you want me to say, and give what you want me to give.”

Of Those 741 Pledge Signers: 24 Trusted Christ at RADIATE and 105 Committed to spending at least a year of their life in full-time vocational ministry 220 Committed to going on a Summer Mission w/ Cru.

Praise the LORD! He is good! Feel free to see pictures and watch the talks for FREE at

Please pray that our Jersey students continue feeling a burden to reach their schools! We’ll have our annual Spring planning summit on January 30-31. It’s a time of worship, prayer, planning for all our student leaders. THANK YOU!!!

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