Rebuilding Homes

photo 1  On Father’s Day, our team got to engage in a different type of ministry here in Santo Domingo. And God definitely opened our eyes to the great needs of the poor in the city.

Just outside the airport, there is a community of half-built homes, dirt roads and barbed wire doorways. Kids play naked on dirt piles and most mothers are single-moms trying to make ends meet.

Our team got to partner with “La Fundacion Pequenos Manos” or Little Hands Foundation by joining them for a day of ministry. Some of our girls got to shampoo little girls’ hair. Others got to pack grocery bags for the single moms to take home.

The men got to help a family continue building the cinderblock structure of their home. Right now, dad, mom and their 5 kids live in a one-room zinc hut. Dad brings home $125 USD a month, and he is trying to build this bigger, stronger house before hurricane season comes. We were able to help put up cinderblock and even were able to give so he could pay his hired workers.

As a dad, it was overwhelmingly humbling to see a dad trying to provide for his family out of this hut. Thankfully, Jesus hasn’t forgotten about this corner of Santo Domingo, and he’s continuing to work through the Little Hands ministry and other local churches. Pray for this dad and husband “Marocho.” Pray he fully comes to Jesus and is able to build his home soon!photo 2photo 3

photo 11

photo 22 photo 33

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