Following Up With Decisions for Christ!


Tomorrow (Sunday, June 8) begins our third full week evangelizing on campus and our fourth week in DR.

It’s incredible what we’ve seen JESUS do already.

At the Univ. of Santo Doming0, our team of 9 students and 4 staff have initiated with over 200 students so far, and we have seen 12 of those indicate decisions for CHRIST after hearing the Gospel!! All our students have taken steps of faith to share the love of Christ over and over. One pair did so to over 6 Dominican students at once! It’s been a true blessing to lead these guys. We’ve even seen our students step up in faith and share the message as the weekly meetings on camps, and others lead everyone in worship to JESUS!

I’ve had the pleasure to see three of those decisions by students Deresa, Lugo and Michael — which was indeed a blessing!

Unfortunately, I have also seen many others–like Christopher and Javier– choose to NOT place their faith in Christ, even after hearing about God’s love for them, Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and their separation from God.

Please PRAY! This week in particular we are intentionally going to call and follow up with as many students as possible, especially those who indicated decisions for Christ. We want to do a good job at plugging them into a body of believers and also seeing if the fruit is real.

Pray we are able to meet again with Deresa, Lugo, Michael, Christopher and Javier. Pray the HOLY SPIRIT will open their eyes to the reality of JESUS!

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