Pray for Mentoring

10352590_687191296800_8210027431565246163_nWhile in DR, I not only have had the pleasure of co-directing this project, preaching at the oldest univ. in the Americas and ministering in one of the poorest parts of the city — I also have had the honor of specifically mentoring three of the six male students on project.

It’s been encouraging to see them step out in faith again and again for JESUS! Here are some notes and prayer requests for each of them.

1 – Danny

Danny is studying engineering at Virginia Tech. He asked me to pray that in doing evangelism he would rely fully on God’s power, not on his own ability. He also wants to get in his Bible more and more, so he could continue growing.

2 – Will

Will is studying hospitality management at Penn State. He hopes to grow in evangelizing naturally in school or at work. He wants to feel less guilty about missing opportunities to share the gospel. He also hopes to speak Spanish better by the end of the trip.

3 – David

David is studying computer science at Univ. of Maryland. His prayer request is that his heart for people would grow immensely. He also hopes that his personal devotion to Jesus would remain strong!

THANK YOU for praying! It’s been so great seeing these guys grow.

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