Sickness All Around


When you become a Christian and do God’s will, the enemy immediately plans his attacks against you.

We are beginning our fourth week in DR and just about everyone has gotten sick in one form or another. Vomiting, nausea, general fatigue, and I even got what’s called “”chikungunya,” which literally means to be contorted. It is a virus transmitted by mosquitos that causes skin rash, fever and mild to severe joint and muscle pain. This happened even though I’ve used OFF and worn pants every day!

I’m still recovering as of today (June 7), so my muscles, joints do ache, and I have a fever that hasn’t settled down.

Please pray for me and our team. If I’m not recovered, I potentially won’t be able to go on campus with the others. Pray also against the enemy’s attacks on our whole team.

Pray God crushes them, and that we would be free to move forward in preaching the gospel of JESUS on the oldest university in the Americas, Univ. of Santo Domingo.

Thank you!

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  1. Joey & Jen, I’m really proud of you!!! Yes I’m praying. Joey, try products with Deet in them.

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