Girls Night Outreach Brings 39 to JESUS


Planted by the Water

THANK YOU for praying for our Girl’s Night Out Event with Marian Jordan Ellis.  The Lord worked supernaturally.  It was crazy as we worked together with Marian’s assistants, the summer project students,  student leaders, and my teammates on all the last-minute details.  I was so thankful of all the extra hands we had, we needed them.

After hours of praying and getting everything done,  Marian stepped up and shared her testimony of how she spent years looking for true love in alcohol and in relationships, only to realize that those left her feeling even more empty.  It wasn’t until she filled it with Christ that she was truly satisfied.

It was amazing to see God touch every women’s heart there.  We had over 200 women attend, and of that number 39 women indicated decisions for Christ and 121 of them recommitted their lives to Christ.  WOW!!! When we saw that…

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