Be A Bold Learner – First Week On Campus

10377148_687043073840_3995772184724133779_nOur second week in DR was from May 25-31, and it was amazing! Our theme was “be a bold learner,” which we certainly had to do a lot of when trying to share the gospel in broken Spanish.

As our first full-time ministry week on campus evangelizing and discipling, we initiated conversations with a total of 151 people, had spiritual conversations or shared the love of Jesus with over 70 of those, and 6 people indicated decisions for Christ!

God is doing such great things! I even got to preach the word at the first VIDA (Cru in Santo Domingo) meeting of the summer semester!

Please pray for American student Danny (from Virginia Tech) and I, as we attempt to follow-up with three of those students (names are Michael, Lugo and Deresa) to help them grow in their faith and get plugged into VIDA and a church.

One particular ministry instance on campus was rather heartbreaking. American student, David (from Univ. of Maryland) and I got to engage two homosexual students at the Univ. of Santo Domingo this passed week.

After asking them a ton about their lives and opinions, we were able to share the Gospel with them. We assured them that God DOES love them, but that just like anyone else (including us) we have sin that separates us from God, and they admitted this.

After hearing about the hope and new life we can have in Christ, they understood that a life without Jesus is a life that pays for his sin. And even though we asked them if they wanted to accept Christ, they decided that for now they would rather lead their own lives.

Please pray for Leandro and Fokke. Pray that the Holy Spirit would do His work of drawing them to JESUS! We are going to try and follow up with them and engage them more.



  1. Hello from Vroom Street,

    Joey, I hope you’re feeling better. Jenn, I hope the kids are behaving! Keep up the good work. My prayers are with you.



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