40 Days of Prayer + Upcoming Outreaches

International Students Incorporated loves prayer! We begin, continue and end everything in prayer! The national ministry just ended a week-long zoom prayer which they held every night at 9 pm EST until August 14! Also, our local Jersey team is currently in 40 days of prayer that will end on September 9th! We invite you to join us in prayer by tracking along each day of our prayer calendar HERE.

In addition to all this, on August 14, I was able to join a kickoff meeting with other ISI staff, volunteers and students from Stevens Institute of Technology! It was so refreshing to get to know our core team and pray with them as we kick off the semester. ISI’s model really allows for churches and volunteers to “own” the ministry. Just at this meeting, there were only 3 students and 4 staff but 9 volunteers from 3 different churches! This of course is welcome because, as I shared previously, most students are non-believers, so we need all the help we can get.

We discussed and planned a number of things! Please pray for the following: 

– a Mandarin outreach hosted by a Chinese church on Saturday, August 20th, near the campus. This is a new church we are trying to partner with, so I will be in attendance there if any of you want to join!

– A beach trip on August 27th to give our old and new students a taste of an American coastline, and where better than the Jersey shore? I’m bringing Jenn and the kids of course!

– A club fair that the university is hosting for all their groups on Wednesday, August 31st, which we will want to be in attendance at!

– A picnic kickoff for all students on Saturday, September 10th, at Liberty State Park in Jersey City!

– Our weekly meetings on campus on Fridays starting September 16th!

             Lots going on and lots to pray for ! ISI allowed us to join in on this planning meeting because our support raising is going well! Last month we reported we were at 71%. We are now at 79%. As we also shared, Jenn was lined up to potentially get a job as a librarian in Hoboken, and with that comes health benefits! A huge chunk of our monthly goal (2500/month) is for health insurance. Well I’m happy to report Jenn got the job and starts Thursday, 8/18! This almost certainly means we will ALL be covered under her insurance and can reduce our overall goal to push us closer to 100% and report – fully focused in the field! Please pray for that specifically. Jenn of course is still officially an ISI Ministry Rep and will be involved. In fact, we think it’s God’s providence that she is a librarian in the SAME city as our main university! 

Thanks so much for following the journey God has us on. We are super grateful for you! 

One comment

  1. Wonderful!!
    I certainly will be praying for all the concerns.
    Congratulations to Jenn.
    Love to all the kids too.

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