Year End Needs

THANK YOU FOR LOCKING ARMS with us in partnership for the gospel! This year, we have seen so many touched by the gospel of Christ through IN PERSON campus evangelism, Bible studies, student conferences and discipleship. We are so grateful for what we get to do working to make Christ known to 500,000 students on college campuses through Cru in NJ! We pray you have been blessed by the praises in our monthly prayer letters!

To do this work, we have the honor of trusting God for all our needs. God provides through believers who pray and give so we can be fully focused on the mission. Thanks for being those people! The reason for this additional letter is to ask if you’re able to give a special year-end gift. 

As you know, Cru is a non-profit with zero funds for staff salaries, ministry and health expenses. As usual, in early 2021, we lost a significant number of monthly givers. Praise the Lord, though, that we were able to recoup almost all our monthly needs in the summer of 2021! However, moving into the new year, we have new monthly needs for ministry, personal, medical coverage and other issues (Gianluca’s autism therapies are still one of these needs). We also have projected needs for some conferences (2 staff conferences and 1 student conference), ministry expenses and even student scholarships for our regional student conference in December which we are committed to covering. The total we are trusting God for is $8,000. This covers all the above needs and it helps create a buffer for the next year as we recoup regular givers.

Would you prayerfully consider helping us reach these funds by giving a special gift of $500, $250, $75 or some other amount? Your giving will help us stay focused on the mission Christ has called us to!

If so make checks payable to “Cru” and mail them back with the provided envelope by December 15. You can also give online at: GIVE.CRU.ORG/0635206. All gifts are tax-deductible! Feel free to call/text/email us with any questions: // 201-906-8698. 

Whatever you decide, our full appreciation for you is unwavering. Thank you!

JOEY+JENN+gianluca+gabriel+lana SFORZA




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