Community Colleges

Community colleges tend to get overlooked by the big evangelical campus ministries, even Cru sometimes.. Thankfully our NJ team does not do this, as our vision is to connect with any school that wants a gospel-centered presence on their campus. 

What’s great about being a statewide movement on 24 campuses including county colleges, is that often these schools feed into the larger schools! For today’s update, I wanted to focus on some praises from two of these county colleges.

Hudson County Community College is nestled in the busy transportation hub of Jersey City NJ known as “Journal Square.” Students are mostly from the city but also hail from all over Hudson County. It is an in-and-out school and has historically been super difficult to maintain a movement here. In fact this movement went silent through the entire pandemic. 

By God’s grace, at the start of the fall 2021 semester a former member named Almira reached out asking what was going on. I had to tell her the answer was sadly “nothing,” but I challenged her to consider re-launching the ministry. After much prayer, she decided to go for it. She met with the club advisor, the school’s clubs coordinator and Almira also came to Cru’s leadership trainings and fall retreat. Although we did not know what to expect, we prayed that God would bring fruit! 

At the first meeting, we saw two new students join in! In fact after several weeks now, we have seen about 10 total students coming out to hear the word, pray with one another and grow in Christ! Some are pictured on the right! It has been incredible to see God bless the small step of faith Almira decided to take. As we get to know the other students, we are asking God to make clear to us and them which of these would make for great leaders to join the mission. Pray God finds them!

At another county school known as Union County Community College, the Lord is brewing something new. Right before the pandemic, the entire Jersey staff team decided to go for a prayer walk on this campus, since we were considering launching a movement at this school with over 11,000 students. The pandemic then hit and we needed to put this venture on pause.

Fast forward to now and we are once again praying for this school. In fact on November 4th, I went to the campus again to just pray for the students, faculty and staff. I prayed that God would honor the seeds of prayer from our team prayer walk, that he would raise up students to be missionaries at their own school and faculty to oversee the movement. 

After my visit, I decided to try something innovative. On Google maps, I searched for all the churches in and around UCCC. I called them one by one explaining who Cru was and hoping to connect with missions-minded churches who had students at this school. Most pastors were not interested or did not have students there, BUT there were two churches who were! One of which has a faculty member at UCCC! Praise God! I am in the process of scheduling follow ups, but please pray God would have his way at this campus.  

THANK YOU for your partnership in the gospel! It is a blessing to have you on this journey with us as we look to make Christ known on every NJ campus and ultimately the world. 

Some more prayer requests:

-Pray for an evangelistic outreach called “Pizza and God” happening at HCCC on 11/8

-Pray for Seton Hall’s evangelistic outreach on 11/19. Although Cru is not recognized, we are partnering with the Gospel Choir group in campus

-Pray for evangelism at New Jersey Institute of Technology on Tuesdays at 12. I plan on bringing Seton Hall students with me for some initiative one-on-one evangelism!

-Pray for New Jersey City University initiative evangelism at 3:00 on 11/9

-Pray for our safe travels to our regional staff conference from 11/19-11/21. We plan for the whole family to go!

THANK YOU! As always, please let us know any prayer needs YOU might have.

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