Shotgun Updates!

Screen Shot 2020-03-05 at 11.29.58 AMSETON HALL UNIVERSITY has been a thorough joy to serve at! Since 2013, we’ve had an underground movement that has taken so many steps of faith in evangelism and discipleship. On three previous occasions, our students pursued gaining official recognition as an organization on campus. It just makes sense! We’d be able to host campus-wide events, post flyers and even reserve rooms. Unfortunately, all three previous attempts were unsuccessful but not for lack of effort. We worked diligently to gain approval, but because the school is staunchly Catholic, they did not feel the need for an organization like Cru.

Fast forward to the present time, and a new group of student leaders are once again fighting for recognition. With our help, they’ve done a great job balancing the ministry with all the work needed to gain recognition. Because Seton Hall is private, we must approach this relationally, and they did. They reached out to the Director of Catholic Ministry and set up a meeting followed by another presentation. Although a nice guy, his answers were the same but he did promise to present our request to his Board who will make the ultimate decision. We did ask to present to the Board directly, so please pray about this! As for our students (Glory, Charity, Holia and Nnamdi), God’s power is evident in them! They’re of course somewhat disappointed but not totally discouraged. They know God’s in control and they are trusting Him!

Please pray we finally get full and unreserved recognition at Seton Hall University, so we can go about ministry in a public and more fruitful way!

unnamedHUDSON COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE is a strange place to do ministry. Smack in the middle of transportation hub Journal Square, Jersey City, it’s super busy and most students leave immediately after class. Nonetheless the Lord has been doing a unique work here! One highlight is a meeting I had with Ronald (changed for privacy), a student from India who believes in both Hinduism and Christianity.

He believes Krishna is Jesus and vice versa. Thankfully, after we met, he was able to see that Christianity is not about works but about grace through Jesus. Pray for Roman, as he has continued to come out to the weekly Bible studies for friendships but also to

continue exploring Christianity. He even came to our church as picture shows!



completely different place. Nestled in suburban Cranford, NJ, students tend to stick around after classes to hang out in a large campus center and cafeteria. Unfortunately, although we have a presence on 25 campuses across the state, we have never had a presence here, but on March 3rd, our staff team prayer-walked and evangelized on campus!

We met a Christian security guard, a strong Christian student and one student came to Christ! Praise the Lord. Please pray we are able to launch a movement here (or possibly connect with one that may or may not exist). Thanks so much for your continued support of our calling to college ministry in New Jersey. We love that we get to work with such a strategic focus to accomplish The Great Commission!

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