“Jersey Cru,” our monthly statewide worship and vision night (last was 10/25 and next is 11/22) is great for a ton of reasons! One reason is before the meeting, we invite students to join us for community and prayer, literally.

This last round we compiled a list of campus requests for our students to pray for. Not only would I ask you to also pray for them, but I hope this brings you encouraging vision of what God’s doing across the state!

I underlined the requests for the schools Jenn and I are specifically serving.

Warren County Community College: Pray for official recognition by the school. There is a process we have to go through of course. Pray that we will have enough students that want Cru on campus. Pray for our leaders Vanessa and Evan that they will lead well and be lead by the Holy Spirit. Also pray that they will be able to find other leaders to lead with them.

  • William Paterson – pray that we find a club advisor, which would be needed to help Cru become official AND pray that student leaders would be surfaced.
  • Kean – pray for more student leaders AND pray for potential partnership with a church nearby
  • Many students have gotten into spiritual and Gospel conversations tabling at Monmouth University. Please pray that those conversations have brought the students at least one step closer to knowing God personally.
  • More men to be involved at Rowan College at Burlington County
  • Build up the Cru movements at Camden County College and Atlantic Cape Community College
  • Rutgers just had their Bubble Tea and God event. Please pray that conversations with people about what they believe would continue past that night, and that students who attended the event felt cared for with the free bubble tea and the space to voice their beliefs.
  • Ocean Community College has an evangelism outreach coming up.
  • Rutgers Camden – pray they get recognized by the school
  • Pray for more Gospel conversations at Brookdale Community College
  • There are Christian students at Raritan Valley Community College who have yet to get plugged in to a community of believers. Please pray that God would use Cru’s weekly meetings as a way to show them more of the brothers and sisters they have in Christ!
  • Rutgers Cru is considering doing a second Pizza and God and starting men’s time. Pray that they go well!
  • Middlesex Cru has two new Christians! Pray that they learn and grow closer to Christ!
  • At Ramapo, pray for our three faithful senior leaders, that God would use them mightily and land them jobs quickly after graduation. Also pray for new leaders, especially men.
  • At New Jersey City University, pray for our relatively new leadership team. They’re almost all new to their positions! Pray for their fellowship outreach in November.
  • Hudson County Community College has a great crowd coming out weekly. Pray for continued involvement and rides to things like Jersey Cru.
  • Stevens is considering Winter Conference! Pray God would provide the funds for them as they make plans for this.
  • Seton Hall Univ. Cru has existed underground since 2013 (and in years before this as well). We have finally made good connections at the university, so please pray we get recognized!

Thank you so much for praying! We cannot do this without God the Holy Spirit supernaturally opening doors for us, and your prayers pave the way for that! And feel free to join us at the next one on 11/22! More info on!




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