Fall in Love Retreat

Fall retreat was downright fantastic this year, and I’m not just saying that because we as staff organized it! The Lord did an incredible work over the weekend of October 4-6. We always tell students they will connect deeper with Christ, themselves and one another – and this definitely happened!

The schedule was the same: Friday, we had worship, the main session and a campfire. Saturday’s events were breakfast, main session, mini-seminars, senior lunch, free time, dinner then men’s/women’s time and talent show. And on Sunday we had breakfast, a main session and then campus-by-campus times.

What made the weekend so powerful and life changing was the guest speaker’s vulnerable and Biblical teaching on abuse, trauma and the need to heal in these areas. He also stressed the upmost importance of regular evangelism: “We should never tire of sharing our faith because it’s never tiring to see someone’s life changed by Jesus!”

72139611_10100144701724210_1067761696220643328_oAt the end of the weekend, we were able to process with our students how they grew through the retreat. Here’s just some of what a few shared. Names changed out of respect.

Julia from Ramapo College was really awoken to her brokenness and her need to dig deep and grow in certain areas. She also was so encouraged by the love and friendships she made over the weekend. Other larger schools “adopted” her into their circles because it was her first time there! Since Fall Retreat, Jenn met with Julia and hopes to help her work through some of this.

Amy from Seton Hall University shared that this weekend was particularly healing since recently her father has had a number of medical issues. He’s needed so much attention that she, as a college student, has needed to step up and help him and the family care for him. The weekend’s talks showed her that Jesus cares for our suffering and he will be with us in it.

William from Rutgers Camden (not one of my particular schools but he was in our sharing group) was encouraged by the emphasis on evangelism. He shared that he regularly is challenged by his own mother who is hostile to the gospel. He also shared about a cult group that was loudly proclaiming a false gospel on his campus. After he engaged them, saying to them that they are preaching a false gospel, they asked him “ok then, what is the gospel?” He went on to share with them the true gospel. What boldness!

Please pray for good, fresh fruit to come out of fall retreat. It was such a great time of falling more in love with Jesus. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTNERSHIP IN THIS GREAT WORK. Would not be possible without you.


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